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Grade 7

Human Body Chapter 1

Nucleus The structure in the cell containing information that determines its characteristics.
Muscle tissue Makes up organs that are able to contract or shorten.
Nerve tissue Makes up organs that send messages to control the body.
Epithelial tissue Lines the inside of the digestive system.
Cell membrane Forms the outside boundary of the cell.
Cell Basic unit of structure and function in all living things.
Cytoplasm The area between the cell membrane and nucleus.
Connective tissue Provides support for your body and connects all its parts.
Organ A structure that is composed of different kinds of tissue.
Organ System A group of organs that work together to perform a major function.
Homeostasis The process by which an organisms internal environment is kept stable in spite of changes to its external environment.
Stress The reaction of your body and mind to threatening, challenging, or disturbing events.
Adrenaline This gives your body a burst of energy and causes many other changes in your body.
Wellness Being at your best possible level of health in your body, mind, and relationships with others.
3 components of wellness are.... 1) Physical Health 2) Mental Health 3) Social Health
Physical Health How well your body functions.
Mental Health Involves your feelings or emotions - how you feel about yourself.
Social Health How well you get along with others.
Peer Pressure Pressure from your friends or classmates to behave in certain ways.
Contiuum The gradual progression through many stages between one extreme to another.
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