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What are the various levels of ecological organisation These are organism, population, community, ecosystem, landscape, biome and biosphere
What is the basic unit of study in ecology Organism
What do you understand by biological community Assemblage of population of different species present in an area with show interdependence and interaction like competition, predation, host parasite interaction etc
What do you understand by ecosystem Composed of a biological community, integrated with its physical environment through the exchange of energy and recycling of the nutrients
What do you understand by landscape A unit of land with a natural boundary having mosaic of patches which generally represent different ecosystem
What do you understand by biome
A large regional unit characterized by a major vegetation type and associated fauna found in a specific climatic zone
What is biosphere Life supporting zone which comprises all the earth's Terrestrial and aquatic biomes
Levels of ecology It is basically concerned with four levels of biological organisation, population, communities and biomes
Who gave the term ecology Reiter in 1868
Definition of ecology by Ernst Haeckel He define ecology as the science dealing with reciprocal relationship of organisms and the external world
Who is the father of ecology in India and father of plant ecology Professor R Mishra is known as the father of ecology in India and warming is the father of plant ecology
How does E.P.Odum define ecology Study of structure and function of nature
Define the features of Tropical rainforest in India Mean annual temperature is 23 to 27 degree Celsius mean annual rainfall is 2000 to 3500 mm important vegetation are dipterocarpus and hopea
Define the features of tropical deciduous forest in India Mean annual temperature is 22 to 32 degree Celsius mean annual rainfall is 900 to 1600 mm important vegetation are Sal, teak, tendu, chiraunji, khair
What is the feature of temperate broadleaf forest Mean annual temperature is 6 to 20 degree Celsius mean annual rainfall is 1000 to 2500 mm important vegetation is oak
What are the features of temperate needleleaf forest
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