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Heath AOS1

Health and Wellbeing Relates to health outcomes and is characterised by an equilibrium in which the individual feels happy, healthy, capable and engaged.
What is meant by Health being dynamic It is constantly changing
What is meant by Health being subjective Health is viewed in different ways
Definition of Physical Health and Wellbeing Relates to the efficient functioning of the body and its systems, it includes the physical capacity to perform daily activities or tasks. Examples are: Healthy Body Weight Strong Immune Systems Adequate levels of energy
Social Health & Wellbeing Relates to the ability to form meantingful and satisfying relationships with others and athe ability to manage or adapt appropriately to different social situations. Supportive network of friends Effective communication with others Ability to show emp
Emotional Health & Wellbeing Relates to the ability to express emotions and feelings in a positive way. It is about positive management and expression of emotional actions and reactions as well as the ability to display resilience. Have a high level of resilience Effectively resp
Mental Health & Wellbeing Is the current state of mind or brain and it relates to the ability to think and process information. Relates to the nature of feelings and thoughts that a person is having. Low levels of stress and anxiety High levels of confidence Positive thought pa
Spiritual Health & Wellbeing Relates to ideas, beliefs, values and ethics. Encompasses concepts or peace, hope and sense of belong or place in the world. A sense of belonging Acting according to ones values and belief Positive meaning and purpose in life.
Health Status refers to the level of health and wellbeing experienced by individuals, groups or whole populations.
Life Expectancy how long a person is expected to live, it is the number of years of life remaining to a person at a particular age if death rates do not change.
HALE Number of full years a person can expect to live in FULL health
Morbidity xx
Mortality Refers to deaths in a population, or a group in a population
Maternal Mortality death of a mother during pregnancy, childbirth or within six weeks of delivery
U5MRate The number of children that die under the age of 5 expressed per 1000 birth
Infant Mortality Rate Rate-the rate of deaths of infants between birth and their first birthday, expressed per 1000 live births
Burden of Disease : a measure of the impact of diseases and injuries – measures the gap between current health status and an ideal situation where everyone would live to an old age free of disease and disability. BOD is measured in terms of DALY
Disability Adjusted Life years A measure of BOD- one Daly equals one year of healthy life lost due to premature death (YLL) and time lived with illness, disease or injury (YLD).
YLL Years of Life Lost- fatal
YLD Years lost due to disability - healthy years lost due to disease or injury- non fatal
Incidence number of new cases of a particular condition
Prevalence number of cases of a particular disease or condition present at any given time
Self Assessed health status a measure based on a person’s own opinion about how they feel about their health and wellbeing, their state of mind and their life in general. It is commonly soured from population surveys.
Created by: Mskan09