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Ch. 3-4 Health

Stress and Mental Illness

Which of the following statements about stress is NOT true? Stress is the response of your body and mind to being challenged or threatened.
eustress positive stress
A stressor is event that causes stress
order of stages in the body's response to stress alarm, resistance, exhaustion
After you recognize the warning signs of stress, you should try to identify the stressor
which illness is NOT caused by stress? stomachaches
optimism focus on the positive
resilient people control their feelings
best ways to deal with extreme or prolonged stress build a support system
an illness that affects the mind and reduces a person's ability to function, to adjust to change mental disorder
student who constantly gets up out of his seat during class, and cuts in line ADHD
fear of water is what kind of mental disorder anxiety
A soldier home from war having frightening dreams post-traumatic stress disorder
clinical depression is NOT lasting only a few days (it lasts months)
A person who makes up stories to explain new scars self-injury
Put a person at risk for suicidal behavior feeling like they have no friends
Health professional that can prescribe medication for clinical depression psychiatrist
mental health professional who works with people who have a problem with alcohol and tobacco substance abuse counselor
Psychotherapy helps people understand the reasons for their behavior insight therapy
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