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Healthy Living

Vocabulary Words for Healthy Lifving & Infectious Diseases

Life expectancy The expected number of years of life remaining at any given age for a group of people.
Quality of life All the things or aspects that make a person's life enjoyable and meaningful.
Physical Health How you take care of your body and make it work well.
Emotional/Mental Health How a person thinks, feels, and acts as they cope with life stresses.
Social Health Building and strengthening relationships.
Spiritual Health How people find meaning and purpose in their lives.
Intellectual Health Strengthening your mind through critical thinking and the ability to be open to new experiences and ideas in order to continue growing.
Infectious Disease Caused by contact with pathogens (germs) or other organisms that cause disease. AKA- Communicable disease
Pathogens Germs that cause disease
Bacteria A pathogen that is found in the air, soil, water, and inside the bodies of other living things.
Viruses A pathogen made up of genetic material, are not living organisms and cannot reproduce without the aid of a living host cell.
Protozoa Are single celled organisms, different from bacteria in that they possess a nucleus and other complex structures and are larger. Live everywhere but cause few diseases.
Fungi More complex than bacteria and viruses. They are built from larger cells that resemble animal cells far more than bacterial cells. Few cause diseases, and many are beneficial.
Parasite Are organism that live on or inside another living thing, where they cause damage and disease.
Direct Transmission The exchange of infectious material from its origin to a susceptible individual.
Incubation period The time between the pathogen's enterance into the body and the first appearance of symptoms. This period varies from disease to disease.
Direct Contact When microorganisms are passed during physical intimacy or contact.
Droplet Spread When an individual is within a few feet of an infected person who is coughing , sneezing or simply speaking.
Indirect Transmission Exchange of infectious material to a susceptible person by a source that acts solely as a carrier such as a animal or insect, objects.
Quantity Amount of something
Quality In terms of a person's life, all the things that make life enjoyable or meaningful.
Lifespan The number of years a person actually lives.
Mental Health The ability to think clearly and cope with life; a state of mental well-being
Vaccine Killed or weakened bacteria or viruses given to provide immunity to a disease.
Host A animal or plant, or cell, on or in which a parasite or virus lives.
Sterilize To make free of germs.
Created by: Mrs.Caselli