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al pertaining to
ase enzyme
blast cell
centesis surgical puncture
cidal causing death
clast broken
crit to seperate
cyte budding
ectomy excision or surguical removal
emia blood condition
emesis vomitting
gen, genesis, genic producing
glia glue
gram something written
ia condition of
iac, ic, ior pertaining to
ism state of
itia, itis inflammatiion
logy study of
lyte dissolvable
mania madness or insane desire
megaly enlargement
meter instrument used to measure
odia smell
ologist one who studies
oma tumor or swelling
opia vision
opsy to view
orrhea flow, excessive discharge
orrhexis rupture
osis abnormal increase in production
ostomy creation of an artificial opening
otomy cut into or incision
oxia oxygen
pathy disease
sclerosis hardening
scope instrument used for visual examination
sepsis infection
spasm sudden involuntary muscle contraction
stasis control or stop
tomy cutting
tropic influencing
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