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Health Ch. 1 & 2

7 Dimensions of Health

Social respect others, have supportive relationships
emotional express emotion and ask for help
vocational enjoy your work and take pride in it
environmental people you spend time with
physical diet and exercise
mental high self esteem
spiritual sense of purpose
wellness enthusiasm for life
wearing a helmet is a sign of wellness
heredity traits passed biologically from parent to child
health literacy gather and understand health information
action plan steps to achieve a goal
personality a way of thinking that make you an individual
personality develop heredity and environment help develop this
self esteem decreases between childhood and adolescence
self esteem improves when you learn from your mistakes
self actualization one's full potential
stages of Maslow's hierarchy needs, shelter, safety, physical needs, belonging, and esteem
defense mechanisms behaving in a way opposite of how you feel
emotional health how you react to events in you life
gradual progression a goal but not extremes
physical environment indoor and outdoor environments
risk factor action that increases injury/disease
prevention taking action to avoid disease or injury
high self esteem positive thoughts equal
low self esteem negative thoughts equal
positive self esteem esteem that doesn't focus on appearance
Maslow's pyramid is when basic needs are met
regression to act younger than your age (defense mechanism)
health ever changing dynamic 7 dimensions
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