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healthy things

what is the cycle of abuse ? tension building, violent episode, honey moon phase
define rape unlawful sexual activity
define sexual harassment harassment involving unwanted sexual advances
define sexual assault when someone touches any part of someones body in a sexual way without their consent
give an example of how to effectively say no when you are being pressured in a sexual situation make eye contact and say no in a assertive voice
if you witness an emergency whats the first step ? check the scene to make sure its safe
what are the signs someone is choking ? universal sign, hands up to throat, cant talk, blue face
where do the AED pads go on a person? on the right shoulder and left rib
what are the parts of my plate? grains, dairy, vegetables,fruits,proteins
what should half your plate be ? fruits and vegetables
what are some signs of anorexia nervosa? fatigue, extreme weight loss, excessive exersize
where can you find the nutritional info for a food product? the nutrition label
how do you maintain a healthy weight? eating healthy and exersize
what is the body's first source of energy? carbohydrates
whats an infectious disease? disease caused by infection such as viruses
what is a chronic disease? disease that cant be prevented or cured and lasts more then 3 months
whats the purpose of the immune system? to fight off bacteria and viruses to keep you healthy
how is HIV transmitted? bodily fluids
what type of blood cells does HIV attack? T cells
list some STI's herpes,chlamydia, gonorrhea
where does fertilization take place? fallopian tubes
what method of birth control prevents pregnancy and STD's? condoms
define ovulation the releasing of egg(s) from ovaries
What is fertilization? When a sperm enters an egg.
Why practice abstinence? It’s the only way to prevent pregnancy and STD’s
What are some reliable source for birth control? The doctor.
What’s the best way to prevent pregnancy and STI’s? ABSTINENCE
How do birth control pills work? Regulates hormones.
What’s the best thing to do if you think you have an STI? Contact your doctor.
How can improve your body image? Exercise.
How many sperm fertilized an egg? 1
Where does a baby grow? Uterus.
What are the dimensions of sexuality? Ethical, cultural, biological, psychological
What is emotional intimacy? Openness, trust that can develop in a relationship
What are the risks of sexual intimacy? Pregnancy, STD’s, emotional health
Define abstinence Refraining from sexual intimacy.
Can you get an STI from oral sex? yes
What occurs in both sexes during puberty? Body hair and muscles strengthen.
What brings urine out of the body? Urethra.
What is the entrance to the uterus? cervix
Created by: abby6