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Home Ec


What are the four teeth in your mouth? Molar, Premolars, Canine, Incisor
What are the Molars used for? Grinding
What are the Premolar used for? Chewing
What are the Canines used for? Tearing
What are the Incisors used for? Biting
What is the top part of the tooth called? Crown
What is the bottom part of the tooth called? Root
What is the function of the Enamel? A hard substances that protects the tooth
What is the function of the Dentine? A bone-like substance (softer than enamel) that is under the enamel
What is the function of the Pulp Cavity ? A space at the centre of the tooth which contains blood vessels and nerves
What is the function of the Cementum? A layer around the root which holds the tooth in place in the jaw
What is the function of the Periodontal Fibres? These hold the tooth in the bone
What is the use of Dental Floss? A thin nylon cord that helps to remove food from between the teeth. It prevents plaque from building up
What is the use of Fluoride Toothpaste? Reduces tooth decay because fluoride the teeth. It also freshens the breath
What is the use of Antiseptic Mouthwash? Reduces infections and helps prevent gum disease
What is the use of Disclosing Tablet? Shows the plaque on teeth, which make it easier to remove by brushing
What is the use of Interdental Toothbrush? Removes plaque from between the teeth
Ways to health teeth? Avoid sugary foods and drinks between meals Brush teeth properly at least twice a day Visit you dentist regularly Replace your toothbrush every three months
Ways to healthy teeth? Use dental floss to clean betweeen your teeth Eat crunch foods such as raw fruit and vegetables Eat a healthy diet which includes calcium for strong teeth
What is Plaque? Plaque s the yellowish coating that forms on teeth between brushings. Plaque contains food and bacteria
What is Gum Disease? Gum disease occurs when acid attacks the gums, leaving them infected, sore and swollen
What is Fluoride ? Fluoride is a substance often added to water supplies and toothpaste. Fluoride strengthens teeth and helps prevent decay.
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