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Health Vocab 12-4-17

Drug A substance other than food that changes the way the body or mind works.
Drug Abuse The use of an illegal drug or intentional misuse of a prescription or over-the-counter drug.
Drug Dependence The continued use of a drug even though it harms the body, mind, and relationships.
Drug Free Lifestyle A lifestyle in which people do not use harmful and illegal drugs.
Drug Misuse The incorrect use of prescription or over-the-counter drugs.
Drug Slipping Placing a drug into someone's food or beverage without that person's knowledge.
Drug Trafficking The illegal purchase or sale of drugs.
Cocaine A highly addictive stimulant drug obtained from the leaves of the coca bush.
Crack A purified form of cocaine that produces a rapid and intense reaction.
Amphetamines Chemically manufactured stimulant drugs that are highly addictive.
Hallucinogens A group of drugs that interfere with the senses causing people to see and hear things that are not real.
Methamphetamines Stimulant drugs within the amphetamine family.
Sedative-Hypnotic Drugs A group of drugs that depress the activities or the central nervous system.
Marijuana A drug containing THC that impairs short-term memory and changes mood.
Heroin A illegal narcotics drug derived form morphine.
Narcotics A group of drugs that slow down the central nervous system, causes drowsiness, and can be used as painkillers.
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