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Disease & Safety

Disease, Healthcare, Safety, CPR & 1st Aid

Communicable Disease infectious disease transmitted by contact
Non-Communicable Disease medical conditions, not transmitted by contact
Preventative Measures strategies used to protect yourself from infectious diseases
Acute Disease short term disease
Chronic Disease long term disease
3 Levels of Prevention Primary, Secondary, Tertiary
3 types of Pathogens Virus, Bacteria, and Fungus
Virus Infectious agent that replicates inside healthy cells
Bacteria Prokaryotic microorganism that causes disease
Fungus Eukaryotic microorganism that causes disease
CDC Center for Disease Cotrol
WHO World Health Organization
Insurance Premium monthly payment to guarantee health coverage
Insurance Copay payment made to the doctor's office at the time of the visit
Insurance Deductable payment due to the insurance company before they pay their portion of the bill
CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
AED Automated External Defibrillator
ABC's of First Aid Awake, Breathing, Continue Care
CPR: Compression to Breath ratio for Adults 30:2
CPR: Compression to Breath ratio for Infants 15:2
Compression Rhythm to follow during CPR Stayin' Alive
Compression depth for Adults during CPR 2 inches
Compression per minute for CPR 100
Cardiac Arrest Electrical issue when the heart stops beating
Heart Attack Circulation issue, blocked artery in the heart
Diabetes unable to metabolize carbohydrates & regulate blood glucose (sugar), type 1 & type 2
Allergy Hypersensitivity to a substance that triggers an immune response
Cancer Uncontrollable replication of abnormal cells
Arteriosclerosis hardening/thickening of artery walls
Atherosclerosis plaque buildup inside the artery walls
Stroke blocked artery in the brain
Universal Precautions protecting yourself from high risk fluids
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