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Gen. Man. Proc. 613

Carrying Weapons on Airport Property

The __ has the sole authority to allow officers into the secure area of the Terminal based upon successful screening, authorized escort, or a pre-arranged law enforcement officer adhering to the defined policy and procedure for flying armed. Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
SAPD officers are not allowed to carry any weapons on or about their person while on a commercial aircraft without a __ message that contains a Unique __ Identifier. National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS), Alphanumeric
SAPD Officers must have successfully completed the approved TSA __, prior to flying armed. Law Enforcement Officers Flying Armed Training Course
What is the basis for the Office of the Chief to determine the need to have the weapon accessible? conducting protective escort duty and related travel; conducting a hazardous surveillance operation; on official travel with a requirement to arrive prepared for duty; or in control of a prisoner(includes traveling to or returning from)
If an NLETS message is not on record with TSA, a weapon will __ be allowed beyond the __. NOT, checkpoint
If the dates of travel change or airport information changes, a new __ identifier will need to be issued. NLETS
If the officer encounters a delay, exceeding __ hrs, in his travel due to weather, airlines, mechanical, etc., the officer may contact the __ office at the airport where he is delayed and request a new NLETS identifier. 24, TSA
Officers must notify the Aircraft Operator (airline) at least __ hr prior to departure, or in a __, as soon as practical. 1, emergency
The TSA __ Supervisor is the best person to contact to resolve conflicts at the LEO checkpoint. Screening
Federal Law prohibits LEO's from boarding an aircraft if the LEO has consumed an __ beverage within the previous __ hrs and from consuming any alcoholic beverage while __ U.S. commercial aircraft. alcoholic, 8, onboard
No individual may place a weapon in an __ storage bin. overhead
Carrying Weapons in Baggage: Place the weapon __ in a locked __ sided case. Ensure that any __ is in __ or similar packaging and does not exceed __ lbs of small arms ammunition. unloaded, hard, ammunition, factory, 11
A __ cannot be used by the LEO or accepted by the Aircraft Operator, as the sole means of __. Badge, Identification
No more than __ high risk prisoners may be transported on an aircraft. 1
How far in advance must the Aircraft Operator be notified that an armed SAPD officer will be transporting a prisoner? 24 hours
Created by: toniazzo
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