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Exam guide Religion

Exam guide

Person who someone is
nature what someone or something is
Blessed Trinity three in one God
Jesus Chirst The second person of the blessed Trinity who became man
Name three Persons of the Blessed Trinity. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
A truth of our Faith that we cannot fully understand is called a ... Mystery
How many Persons are in God? Three
How many natures are in God? One
creed A prayer and declaration of faith
will used to exercise the power to choose
How many persons and natures are there in a human being? One person and one nature?
Why is the Blessed Trinity the perfect communion or unity of Person? Answer should include the love of the three Persons of the Blessed Trinity is perfect. The perfect love of the three persons makes them one.
How does God show us His power? Through creation
mind used to exercise the power to think
transcendent beyond what we normally experience
communion a loving union
grace the gift of God's life
How is His wisdom revealed to us Jesus revealed God's wisdom
What was the most perfect way God demonstrated his love for us Jesus suffered and died on the cross
The Holy Spirit gives us this, which is God's life in us. Grace
Name the two powers of the soul. Intellect and will( thinking and choosing)
Who is the Supreme Being who created us and keeps us alive God
What words did got use to describe himself to Moses I am the God of your Father, The Gog of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.
Name the three attributes of God eternal, omnipotent, transcendent , all-powerful, merciful , just, loving, all knowing, ...
what atribute of god reminds is not to be afraid of him all loving and merciful
What do we mean when we say god is Existence the source off live, he always was is and will be.
Bible Sacred scriptures, Gods revealed world.
God Supreme Being who created us and keeps us alive
Transcendent Beyond what we normally experience.
eternal never ending, ever lasting
create to make something out of nothing
omnipotent all powerfull
intellect the power to think
body the physical and visible part of us
soul the in visible spiritual , and immortal gift from GOD 🙏
Created by: zoomermassey