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Ch. 21 and 22

Which of the following is NOT a result of computer integration? Automatically provides critical update to industry standards
Which of the following is NOT a reason for tracking supplies, equipment and instruments? Meeting Centers for Disease Control and Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements
Which of the following tracking methods provides real-time information? Radio frequency identification tages
Point-of-use computing: moves computers into Central Service work areas
Which of the following is NOT a feature of an instrument tracking system? Product updates and recall information
Interfaced, cloud based or turnkey: which of these terms means systems communicate with each other? Interfaced Interfaced
At this time, tracking systems are unable to track worker productivity information False
In addition to providing financial and operational management, information technology and systems are used to help ensure patient safety. True
Information technology is often the cornerstone of initiatives to transform healthcare. True
Which of the following is NOT considered one of the 3 occupational hazards? Ergonomic hazards
The process of changing work or working conditions to reduce physical stress is called ergonomics
When a technician cannot see what is in a sink or basin they should use a sponge forceps to grasp items
Which of the following is NOT required for sharps safety? Wash all disposable sharps before discarding them
The level of exposure to a harmful substance when an employer must take required precautions to protect the worker Action level
Ergonomic injuries are a risk factor for persons who perform repetitive or physical work
Secondary containers of chemicals must be labeled with a copy of the original manufacturer's label or a generic label that identifies hazard warnings and directions
Safety data sheets are provided by the product manufacturer
A molecular reaction that creates an uncontrolled release of energy is called: polymerization
Which of the following is NOT a component of risk management? Staff management
Healthcare facilities are required by the _____ to provide adequate ventilation systems, personal protective equipment and safe work operating procedures Occupational Safety and Health Administration
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