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health chapter 5

stress the body and mind's response to a demand
stressor any situation that puts a demand on the body or mind
epinephrine one of the hormones that are released in the body in a time of stress; also called adrenaline
eustress a positive stress that energizes a person and helps them reach a goal
distress a negative stress that can make a person sick or keep them from reaching a goal
environmental stressor conditions or events on your environment that cause you stress
examples of environmental stressors noise, pollution, poverty, crowding, or natural disasters. can all be causes of that
biological stressors conditions that make to difficult for your body to take part in physical activity
examples of bio stressors having an illness, disability, or injury
thinking stressors any type of stress caused by think─źng.... mental challenge
examples of thinking stressors taking a test
behavioral stressors caused by unhealthy behaviors such as not getting enough sleep or exercise, using tobacco, alcohol, or drugs.
life changing stressors can be caused by death of a loved one, getting married, or other personal events
fight or flight response your body provides you with energy, reflexes, amd strength so that you may respond to the stressor
examples of fight and flight You fall off the side walk and are in the path of a car; event though you are hurt, you are able to get up and run full speed to safety (flight) a goal is being shout at you (fight)
some things that happen when epinephrine is released: your breathing speeds up, your pupils get wider, your heart beats faster, your blood sugar increases
what does positive stress do it motivates you to do your best
what can negative stress do keep you from doing your best, no matter what you are capable of
how to make stress positive focus on what you can control; tell yourself that you can do it; build you confidence (be prepared)
effects of long term stress weaker immune system, more prone to heart attack, headaches, illnesses, diseases, and disorders
general adaption syndrome a model that describes the relationship between stress and illness
how many stages are there in the GAS? three: Alarm stage, resistance, and exhaustion
what is the alarm stage the body and mind come more alert; includes the events brought on by the fight or flight response
in the alarm stage, what may a person experience? headaches, stomach aches, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping
what is the resistance stage? your body comes more resistant to disease and injury than normal; you can cope with added stress, but only for a limited time
what is the exhaustion stage your body can no longer resist the stressor; your body become so exhausted that organs can begin to shut down; you can no longer fight illness
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