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Gen. Man. Proc. 409

Mobile Video Recording

Officers shall notify their immediate supervisor of damaged or malfunctioning mobile video recording equipment immediately and complete SAPD form __ and/ or SAPD form__. #162 Found Damage Report and #161 Mobile Video Recorder Service Request
True or False? Officers are required to advise citizens they are being recorded or show any citizen a video which they recorded. False: are NOT
True or False? Arrest, handcuffing, and search of violators should take place in view of the camera when practical and in accordance with Departmental policy and this procedure. True
True or False? All arrests, handcuffing, and searches occurring out of view of the camera must be documented in the officers report or CFS comment entry field? True
Officers __ start the interior (back seat) camera recording prior to placing the suspect or citizen into the vehicle. Shall
If an officer arrives at a facility that is recorded, such as __ or the __, the officer may turn off the camera prior to exiting the vehicle. headquarters or magistrates office
During prisoner transport in wagons, the officer shall tag video as an "__" category unless an event occurs which would require identifying a specific prisoner and/ or incident taking place during transport. Admin/ Default
Officers may stop and/ or mute a recording during? encounters with undercover officers or confidential informants, and personal relief breaks
Officers may only momentarily mute a recording during? conversations that involve case tactics or strategy, and personal emergency matters of a sensitive nature
Officers may mute with supervisors approval only when? duties are unlikely to lead to information relevant to a case(traffic control, crime scene preservation), the audio should be reactivated immediately if the circumstances change or any police action is taken
All stoppage and/ or muting, other than administrative functions testing or accidental activation, of the mobile video must be __ documented--stating a __ reason--in the officers__, and __ or __ comments entry field. verbally, specific, video, report, or CFS
When a explosive device, suspected explosive device or hazardous material is present the officer will, prior to exiting their vehicle, ensure that their in car system is recording and remove their __ and/ or __ and leave it in their vehicle. microphone, body worn camera
The removing of the microphone and/ or BWC, and leaving it in the vehicle, must be clearly __ in the officers report or CFS comments. documented
DWI violators: True or False? When an officer makes a decision to start an investigation of a violator, the officer shall activate the mobile video recorder but shall not articulate the initial traffic violation observed or any observations of the SFST. True
DWI violators: The officers positions the police vehicle approximately __ car lengths behind the suspect vehicle in order to create a __ arena of performance. 2, proper
DWI violators: If __ car lengths are not possible, the officer adjusts the camera angle before leaving the police vehicle to ensure a __ and __ arena of performance. 2, safe, effective
DWI violators: During SFSTs no __ should be directed at the __ vehicle, and should only be pointed at the __. spotlights, offender's, ground
DWI violators: __ headlights shall not be used, and the front __ lights, if so equipped shall be turned off. wigwag, strobe
DWI violators: True or False? The officer should articulate reasonable suspicion or probable cause as it develops. False: should NOT
DWI violators: Any __ found in the suspect vehicle, as well as any __ seized, shall be brought in view of the camera and the officer shall __ the description of the evidence in order to record such information. intoxicants, evidence, articulate
If during your tour of duty you experience inoperable audio/ video equipment, you will notify a __ and document the incident with the generation of a __ number. supervisor, CFS
A bank of __ and __ will be maintained at each substation facility. microphones and batteries
Officers needing a replacement battery for the microphone will contact their __ and replace the battery __ from the bank of spare microphones. sergeant, ONLY
Officers promoting or who will be reassigned to duties where they will not be utilizing the in car video system will return their microphone to the __. Training Academy Armory
True or False? Supervisors may view the recordings of their subordinates in the field at any time during the shift. True
Video Categorization and Retention: This category is used when the user inadvertently engages the COBAN and the video has no evidentiary value. Retention: Admin/ Default, 180 days
Video Categorization and Retention: Accident in which a CR-3 is required. Retention: Crash, 180 days
Video Categorization and Retention: This category is used for all DWI cases. Retention: DWI, 3,650 days
Video Categorization and Retention: This category is used for all felony cases. Retention: Felony Offense Report, 3,650 days
Video Categorization and Retention: This category is used for all incident cases. Retention: Incident, 180 days
Video Categorization and Retention: This category is used for all misdemeanor cases. Retention: Misdemeanor Offense Report, 730 days
Video Categorization and Retention: This category is used for all N-coded calls including non injury accidents where no CR-3 is completed. Retention: N-code, 180 days
Video Categorization and Retention: This category is used for all traffic related stops unless associated with a DWI, Felony or Misdemeanor, This category is not to include accident/ crashes. Retention: Traffic, 180 days
Tue or False: Officers may include the existence of video evidence in the case report for follow up investigations. False: SHALL
Any video that becomes part of an internal investigation will have all viewing privileges blocked with the exception of? Professional Standards/ Internal Affairs Unit, The Shooting team, or as assigned by the Chief of Police
Videos that become part of an internal investigation will be placed on hold __ until it is no longer needed. indefinitely
Which Units/ Sections are authorized to , and will remove the Hard Drives from their vehicles and will conduct manual uploading of video? DWI, Commercial Motor Vehicle (DOT), Motorcycle, Any unit of section designated by the Chief of Police or his designee, or assigned to the vehicles which are not Wi-Fi enabled
If the system indicates that the remaining hours for video is __ hrs. or less the officer shall notify their __. 15, supervisor
True or False? It is the supervisors responsibility to replace the hard disk back into the vehicle once video is successfully offloaded. True
True or False? Officers shall not remove the hard drive under any circumstances? True
True or False? Authorization for removal of the hard drive can only be made by a sergeant or above. True
Keys for unlocking and removing the hard drive will be issued to the following personnel: CSI supervisor, Traffic Investigations Detail, Substation commanders, Internal Affairs, Traffic Captain, Officers assigned to Motorcycle Detail, DOT enforcement officers, DWI unit officers, Patrol supervisors
__ Video Data includes all recordings initiated by the officer as well as all video (no audio) captured throughout the entire shift, as long as the MVR program is running. Failsafe
Failsafe video may contain pertinent evidentiary date related to an event, but is only available for __ hrs from the time of the __. 48, incident
Videos may be viewed for the following purposes: Criminal Investigations, Internal Affairs or complaint reviews, Pursuits, Use of Force, Open Records Request, Officer involved crashes, any other purpose shall have supervisor approval and documented in the NOTES section
Personnel reviewing videos shall immediately document __, __ number and the __ of their viewing in the NOTES field in the coban viewer application. name, badge, purpose
Created by: toniazzo
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