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Ch. 19 and 20

Which of the following systems provides supplies and instruments for individual surgical procedures? case cart
The inventory system that stocks supplies by established stock levels is called a periodic automated replenishment system
The inventory system that uses two identical carts to facilitate supply replenishment is called the exchange cart system
automated supply replenishment systems are computerized
The movement of supplies throughout the healthcare facility is called: distribution
supplies such as disposable wraps are called consumable
When patient equipment enters a healthcare facility, it must be safety checked by a _____ before it is cleared for patient use. Biomedical technician
Which of the following requires that preventative maintenance standards be established for medical equipment? The Joint commission (TJC)
Which of the following common items of patient care equipment limits the development of deep vein thrombosis and peripheral edema in immobile patients? Sequential compression device
Disposable components such as pads and tubing on patient care equipment should be discarded at the point-of-use
Equipment should be inspected for obvious hazards such as cracked or frayed electrical cords whenever the equipment is inspected in Central Service
Patient care equipment should be stored in a ______ condition ready to dispense
Equipment leasing and rental differ in that: equipment rental is usually done on a shorter-term basis than equipment leasing
Preventive maintenance is designed to identify potential problems before they occur
The ______ requires that the healthcare facility report malfunctions of medical devices that have contributed to patient injury, illness and/or death to the manufacturer and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Safe Medical Devices Act
Which of the following statements is correct? Tracking patient care equipment can prevent equipment shortages
The decision to use reusble or disposable instruments in procedure trays is determine by: several factors including physician preference, storage and cost
If an equipment malfunction causes harm to patients it should be returned immediately to the biomedical department
Technicians in the ______ department perform safety inspections and functional tests on equipment. Biomedical/ Clinical Engineering
All patient care equipment that was dispensed for use must be considered ____ and handled as such, regardless of its appearance contaminated
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