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Ch. 17 and 18

Formal training should occur: for new employees and those who move to new positions
Monitoring records must be all the above
Sterilizer load records should contain: items and quantity sterilized
Temperature and humidity levels need to be monitored and recorded: at least daily
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Class II chemical indicator that is run daily in dynamic air removal sterilizers is called a Bowie-Dick test
A physical monitor on a washer-disinfector is the printout
Cart washer screens should be cleaned at least daily
A biological indicator is called positive when there is growth in the ampule after incubation
External indicators can prove an item is sterile when the sterilization cycle is complete. False
One type of formal monitoring is monitoring the department temperature and humidity levels True
Quality management is patient focused True
A failure mode and effects analysis tries to predict failures before they occur True
A root cause analysis is a proactive approach to quality False
An unexpected occurrence involving death, serious physical or psychological injury or the risk thereof is called a sentinel event
An activity designed to identify and resolve work task-related problems is called process improvement
A process that looks backwards at an event to help prevent it from reoccurring is called a root cause analysis
The qualit process that uses DMADV/DMAIC to improve processes is called: Six Sigma
Nurses, physicians and other professionals working in a healthcare facility are _____ customers of Central Service internal
The consistent delivery of products and services according to established standards is called quality
The International Standards Organization uses routine and unannounced inspections to monitor standards in healthcare facilities. False
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