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Ch. 15 and 16

Woven reusable fabrics are the packaging products of choice for ozone sterilization False
Ethylene kills microorganisms by a process called oxidation False
Ethylene oxide is a toxic gas True
Permissible exposure levels for low-temperature sterilization methods are established by the: Occupational Safety and Health Administration
The Probability of a viable microorganism being present on an item after sterilization is the sterility assurance level
Who recommends that sterilants be rigorously tested before being marketed U.S. food and Drug Administration
An aeration time of ___ at 140F is recommended for items sterilized with ethylene oxide 8 hours
Which bacterial spore is used to test hydrogen peroxide sterilization cycles? Geobacillus stearothermophilus
Which bacterial spore is used to test ethylene oxide sterilization cycles Bacillus atrophaeus
The ______ method of low-temperature sterilization uses gas cartridges for a sterilant ethylene oxide
The sterile storage process starts: when the sterilizer door is opened
Trays which overhang shelving can become contaminated
The type of shelving that leaves packaging the most vulnerable is open
The bottom shelf of any sterile storage system should be: solid  and 8 to 10 inches from the floor
Sterile trays should: all the above
Wrapped trays should not be stacked because it can cause holes in the wrapper of the bottom tray
Outside shipping containers should be removed prior to placing the items in storage
Because of event-related shelf life, stock rotation is no longer necessary False
Temperatures in a sterile storage area should be 64 to 75F False
The relative humidity in the Central Service sterile storage areas should be: less than 70%
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