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Health vocab #3

Love without limitation or qualifacation unconditional love
A medical doctor who treats mental health problems psychiatrist
The sorrow caused by the loss of an loved one Grief
care provided to the terminality ill that focuses on comfort not cure Hospice care
counselors who teach people coping strategies to deal with grief grief counselor
involves your ability to form satesfying interpersonal relationship with others it also relates to your ability to adapt comfortably to different social situations and act appropriatly in a variey of settings social health
the connections you have with other people and groups in your life relationships
a way in which a person thinks,feels,and acts character
the ides beliefs and attitudes about what is inportant that help guide the way you live values
a quality that demomstrates how a person thinks feels and acts character traits
the way you conduct yourself citizen ship
the basic unit of society family
your emidiate family plus your other relatives such as grand parents aunts uncles and cousins extended family
The process of meeting a childs phisical mental and emotional needs parenting
someone whjo marries childs mother or father stepparent
a legal end to marrage contact divorce
an adaption or change in behaivior adjustment
a pledge or promise commitment
A family that consists of a parent, a stepparent and the child of one or both parents blended family
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