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Sexual orientation, gender identity and biological gender

What does sexual orientation mean? Who you like. Who you are attracted to Ex: boys, girls, everyone, no one
What does gender identity mean? Which gender you feel like (your internal feeling of what gender you are) ex: male, female, both, neither
What does gay mean? Men who like men
What does lesbian mean? Women who like women
What does bisexual mean? People who like both men and women
What does pansexual mean? People who like EVERYONE Ex: They like men, women, intersex people, transgender ppl, etc.
What does queer mean? Someone who is LGBTQIA+
What does questioning mean? Someone who is NOT SURE about their sexual orientation or gender identity, but they are questioning it
What does intersex mean? Someone who is born with body parts that don't fit the typical definition of male or female ex: Born with both male and female parts
What does asexual mean? Someone who is NOT attracted to anyone.
What does transgender mean? Someone who changed genders. Ex: Biologically born a girl, is now a boy
What does cisgender mean? A person's gender identity matches their biological gender Ex: Born a girl, identifies as a girl
What does gender fluid mean? A person who identifies as BOTH male and female
What does gender non-binary mean? Does not identify as any gender ex: I am NOT a male or a female
Why are INTERSEX people mad about their parents choosing that they have SURGERY? They want to choose their gender, they don't want their parents to choose their gender.
What does an ally mean? An ally is a person who supports and stands up for LGBTQIA+ people.
What does gender expression mean? The way in which a person expresses their gender identity, typically through their appearance, dress, and behavior. ex: He dresses like a boy and acts masculine
What does LGBTQIA mean? Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Intersex Asexual
Created by: twin9500