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Items that are directly introduced into the bloodstream or other normally sterile areas of the body are classified as: critical items
Thermal disinfection is accomplished by using: heat
Phenolics are classified as: intermediate to low-level disinfectants
Iodophors are members of this chemical family: halogens
Glutaraldehyde and ortho-phthalaldehydes are classified as: high level disinfectants
How long must alcohol remain in wet contact with an item to achieve a reasonable level of disinfection? 5 to 10 minutes
In an automated washer the key source of disinfection is: water temperature
These chemicals are used on animate (living tissue) to slow the growth of microorganisms: antiseptics
This low-level disinfectant is incompatible with soap: Quaternary ammonium compounds
When using high-level disinfectants it is important to remember they may be deactivated by: organic matter
Instrument marking tape should be wrapped approximately _____ around the instrument. 1.5 times
What is an osteotome used for? to cut and shave bone
What is used to unclog suction during surgery? a stylet
Kerrison/laminectomy rongeurs should be tested using: index card
Scissors with tungsten carbide cutting edges are usually identified by: Gold Handles
The best way to clean a suction lumen is: using a proper sized brush
To properly test the sharpness of scissors four inches or less use: yellow test material
The place where the two parts of a ring handled instrument meet and pivot is called: box lock
Stainless steel jaw needle holders last longer than tungsten carbide jaw needle holders. False
Microgrind or supercut scissors are usually identified with a black handle True
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