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Week One Definitions

Medical Model A view point on health that foucises on the diagonosis and treatment of diseases
Wellness Model A view point on health that focuses on the prevention of diseases
Demographic The data from human populations that describe vital atatistics, size, and distribution
Epidemiology The study of the nature, causes, control and determines of the frequency of disease's, disabilities, ans death in the human population. Also study's history of a disease ans its distribution through society (public health)
What does CDC stand for? Centers for disease control and prevention
What is CDC A group of federal government agencies responsible for collecting and interpreting health care statistics.
National institution of Health A group of federal government agencies responsible of for the health of the nation. Also know as the NIH
Gross demestic Product Also know as GDP Describes the combination of payments for health care and delivery of services into one system.
Sustainable Competitive advantages Anything thar is about a business that allows it to out perform other business and maintain its position over timeslot
Business The activity of providing goods and services to customers for profit.
Profit The amount left when a business subtracts their expenses from its revenue. If the amount is negative then it's a loss.
For Profit Making a profit is identified as the primary reason for the business to exist.
Non profit The primary reason for the business to exits is some reason other than profit.
Sole proprietorship A legal form of business ownership with only one owner.
Corporation A legal for of business ownership that can have many owners. The one with the most shares is the owner.
Partnership A legal form of business that involves at least two people called partners
Management The business function of planning, organization, directing, and controlling the business resources.
Marketing The business function that focuses on the exchange process between business and IRS customers.
Accounting The business function that tracks the flow of payment into and out of a business.
Production The business function that designs and manages the process thar manufacturer the business products.
Information technology That business function that manages all the technology used to run the business ans collect information for design making.
What does HIPPA stand for ? Health Insurance Portability Act and Accounting Act of 1996
What is HIPPA? A federal paw that mandates insurance portability and sets uo procedures for electronic data exchange.
Market economy Economy which sellers compete for customers.
Oligopoly An economy with economy with only a few sellers
Monopoly An economy with only one seller. One seller is able to set whatever prices.
Demand The amount of a good that a buyer is willing to purchase at any given price.
Economy indicators Key indicators that provide information about the health of the economy.
Interest The amounth stated as a percent paid to borrow money.
Inflation An increase on price level
Unemployment A lack in jobs for an economy for those willing and able to work
Business Cycle Regular cycle of decline and growth in an economy over a period of time.
What is TJC Joint commission Care National organization that evaluates and accredits health care organization.
Antitrust laws An area of federal law that prohibits monopolization
SWOT analysis A method uses by businesses to analyze the exteral environment.
Risk of loss The probabiliys that the insured against event will accure.
Risk Pooling The process of combining all the insured into one group so the risk of loss is less. Insurance.
Premium The price paid by the insured to pay for insurance coverage.
Actuary A professional who calculates insurance and annuity risks, premiums and dividens.
Policy An agreement or contract thar describes all the terms and conditions of insurance policy.
Insured The person who will receive benefits under insurance policy terms.
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