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SUR 101

Cleaning and Decontamination

What is the preferred pH for detergents used for most cleaning processes? Neutral pH
What increases the likelihood of mineral scale deposits Untreated water
Water must be degassed each time the ultrasonic cleaner's tank is changed, because: excess bubbles from filling reduce the engergy of the cavitation process
Written cleaning instructions for surgical instruments should be provided by the device manufacturer
What are fever producing substances called? Pyrogens
These are used to breakdown fatty tissue on instruments Lipase enzymes
Instrument lubrication is performed after cleaning
To prevent coagulation of proteins, instruments should be pre-rinsed using: Cool water
Detergents used in mechanical cleaners should be: low foaming
Instruments should be cleaned using what type of motion? to and fro motion
The decontamination are should have what type of air flow? Negative
The temperature in the decontamination area should be between: 60 and 65 degrees
Rigid container filter retention plates should be: removed from the container and lid and cleaned separately
When it is necessary to transport soiled items between facilities using a truck or van, facilities must consult the U.S. Department of Transportation, as well as state and local laws for transporting biohazardous items True
It is acceptable to transport soiled and clean items at the same time in the same cart if they are placed on separate shelves False
Failure to perform soiled pick-up rounds as scheduled can lead to instrument and equipment shortages True
If soiled items are held in user units before pick up for processing, they must be kept at the patient's bedside until Central Service collects them False
When moving transport carts throughout the healthcare facility, Central Service technicians must always yield right of way of patients and visitors True
Can powered surgical instruments be immersed? No
How many air exchanges are in Sterile Goods? 4
What is instrument lubrication also know as? Instrument milk
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