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Chapter 20

Childhood diseases and disorders

Adenoidectomy removal of adenoids through surgery
Catarrhal mucous membranes of the head and mouth are inflamed with an increase in mucus flow
Dormant not moving, inactive
Encephalopathy any disease or disorder that afflicts the brain
Exudate body fluid that comes from tissue or capillaries because of inflammation or injury
Flatulence excessive amounts of gas that originates in the stomach or intestine.
Incubation period time that is between exposure to a disease and when symptoms present themselves, this may take several days.
Inspiratory stridor high pitched sound during inhalation with the source being blocked airways.
Intrathecal an injection into the spinal cord
Koplik's spots spots that present themselves in the mouth in the early stages of measles, spots are unique to measles and usually help to diagnose the condition.
Malaise general feeling of being ill or sick
Nits eggs laid by lice
Orchitis an inflammation of the testis
Parotid glands salivary glands which are situated just in front of ears on a human body
Paroxysmal a convulsion or spasm
Patent open
Prone the position of lying face down on one's stomach
Pyoderma purulent dermatitis that is inflamed
Rhinitis nasal cavity and mucous membrane that has become inflamed
Supine the position of laying on one's back
T onsillectomy the removal of tonsils through surgery
Vesicles blister like sores on that present themselves on the skin.
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