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SUR 101

Sterile Processing

Which agency is responsible for minimizing greenhouse gases? EPA-Environmental Protection Agency
Whos role is it to protect workers from occupational caused illnesses and injuries? OSHA-Occupational Safety and Health Administration
For Medical Device Classification, which devices devices are most stringently regulated? Class III-heart valves, pacemakers, and other life sustaining devices
For Medical Device Recalls, which class devices pose the highest risk to cause serious health problems or death? Class I
This technique is considered "Clean technique" to reduce the number for microorganisms and minimize spread Medical Asepsis
This technique is considered "Surgical technique" to eliminate the presence of all microorganisms Surgical Asepsis
Which agency is responsible for ensuring that foods, cosmetics, human and vet drugs, biological products, medical devices, and electronic products that emit radiation are safe and effective for public use? FDA-Food and Drug Administration
This federal agency promotes health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease? CDC-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Regulations under the Clean Air Act are administered by: EPA-Environmental Protection Agency
Agency which may intervene in a matter of worker protection even if there are no specific regulations covering the situation. OSHA
Agency which imposes very strict labeling requirements on manufacturers of chemicals used by Central Service Departments EPA
Established national emissions standards for EO used by hospitals are regulated by There are no established national emissions standards
Chemical indicators are FDA ______ devices. Class II
This Association collects information and establishes standards and guidelines relating to the processing of flexible endoscopes. SGNA
what are the 5 principles of asepsis? Know what is dirty, know what is clean, know what is sterile, keep the three separate, remedy contamination immediately
Which technique is used prevent the introduction of microorganisms to an area? Surgical Asepsis
For good hand washing, how long should one scrub their hands for? 20 seconds
To protect themselves from splashes and spills, Central Service Technicians assigned to the decontamination area should wear: Fluid resistant gowns
The decontamination area of the Central Service Department should have: 10 air exchanges per hour
Inanimate objects that can transmit bacteria are called: Fomites
All patient care equipment must be considered _____ and handled as such regardless of its appearance contaminated
Watches and other jewelry should not be worn in the Central Service Department work are because: They harbor bacteria
How often should the floors be cleaned in the central service department daily
Which vaccine does healthcare facilities highly recommend their employees recieve? Hepatitis B
Created by: ks.walker