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bullying, wellness blah blahblah

even though your emotions change from day to day, are you still considered healthy? yes
if you have a balanced health triangle, you have reached the state of... wellness
what are the 3 sides of the health triangle physical, mental/emotional, social
what can you do to have a positive physical health eat healthy food, get enough sleep, visit the doctor, wash yourself, wear protective gear
why do you need to evaluate or think about what the media advertises Advertisements are not always true and sometimes advertise unhealthy or bad things
your environment contains all what and what things around you living and nonliving
why is it important for you to understand that all sides of your health triangle are connected all sides affect the other sides
what eating disorder is defined as having strong fear of gaining weight and starves him or her self anorexia
if you have a poor body image, what happens to your self-esteem it goes down
obese more than 20% higher than what is appropriate for their height, age, and body frame
binge eating disorder a disorder in which a person repeatedly eats too much food at one time
eating disorder extreme eating behaviors that can lead to serious illness or death
bulimia an eating disorder in which a person repeatedly eats large amounts of food and then purges
list five warning signs of suicide talking about suicide or death, talking about feeling hopeless, guilty, or worthless, pulling away from friends or family, loss of interest in normal activities, sudden changes in personal appearence
what should you do if someone you know shows warning signs of suicide talk to them and then talk to a trusted adult
list four ways of dealing with harassment tell the person to stop, be assertive, tell your parents, report it to an adult
how are bulling and cyber bulling alike and different teasing, threats, taunts, one is a person while the other is online
what are 6 ways to prevent a conflict from building dont raise your voice, show respect, see the other persons point of view, keep your conflicts private, avoid alcohol and drugs, leave the scene if necessary
conflict resolution a life skill that involves solving a disagreement in a way that satisfies both sides
compromise give up something to reach a solution that will satisfy everyone involved
harassment ongoing conduct that offends a person by criticizing him or her race, color, disability, gender, or orientation
what are some factors that contribute to teen violence gangs, weapons, drugs
body-mind connection how your emotions affect your physical and over all health and how your physical and overall health affect you emotions
Created by: 9oscar9