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cosmotology 6

anatomy and physiology

Abductor Digiti Minimi Muscles that separates the fingers and the toes
Abductor Hallucis Muscle that moves the big toe away from the other toes
Abductors Muscles that draw a body part such as a finger arm or toe AWAY from the midline of the body or of an extremity
adductors Muscles that draw a body part such as a finger arm or tow INWARD toward the median axis of the body or of an extremity
adipose tissue technical term for FAT . Gives smoothness and contour to the body
anatomy study of human body parts that can be seen with an NAKED EYE. how the body parts are organized. structure of organisms or of their parts.
angular artery branch of the facial artery that supplies bloody to the SIDE of the nose
anterior auricular artery branch of the superficial temporal artery that supplies blood to the FRONT part of the ear
aorta the LARGEST artery in the body
arteries thick walled muscular flexible tubes that carry oxygenated blood AWAY from the heart to the arterioles
arterioles small arteries that DELiVERS blood to capillaries
autonomic nervous system the part of the nervous system that controls the involuntary muscles
belly middle part of the muscle
bicep muscles that produce the contour of the front and inner side of the upper arm
blood fluid circulating through the circulatory system . supply oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissues and to remove carbon dioxide and waste from them
blood vessels tube like structures that include arteries and veins
body systems know as system group of body organs acting together to preform one or more functions
brain central nervous system contained in the cranium largest most complex nerve tissue
buccal nerve 7th cranial nerve that affects the muscles of the mouth
buccinator nerve flat muscle of the cheek between the upper and lower jaw that compresses the cheek and expels air between the lip
capillaries tiny thin walled blood vessels that connects the smaller arteries to the venules carry away waste brings nutrient to the cell
carpus WRIST flexible joint composed of a group of 8 small irregular bones held together by ligaments
cell membrane encloses the protoplasm and permits soluble stubstances to enter and leave the cell
cells basic unit of all living things
central nervous system consists of the brain spinal cord spinal nerves and cranial nerves CNS
cervical nerves affect the side of the neck and the platysma muscle
cervical vertebrae 7 bones of the top part of the vertebral column located in the neck region
circulatory system the body system that controls the steady circulation of the blood through the body
clavicle collarbone the bone that joins the sternum and the scapula
common carotid arteries main arteries that supply blood to the head face and neck
common peroneal nerve division of the sciatic nerve that expends from behinf the knee to wind around the head of the fibula to the front of the leg where it divides into two branches
connective tissue fibrous tissue that binds together protects and supports the various parts of the body
corrugator muscle muscle located beneath the frontalis orbicularis oculi muscles that draws the eyebrow DOWN and wrinkles the forehead vertically
cranium an oval bony case that protects the brain
cytoplasm protoplasm of the cell the watery fluid that surrounds the nucleus of the cell
deep peroneal nerve extends down the front of the leg behind muscles
deltoid large triangular muscles covering the shoulder joint that allows the arm to extend outward and to the side of the body
depressor labii inferioris muscle surrounding the lower lip lowers the lower lip and draws it to one side expressing sarcasm
digestive system the body system that is responsible for breaking down food into nutrients and waste
digital nerve sensory motor nerve that with its branches supplies impluses to the finger
Dorsal nerve Nerve that extends up from the toe and foot
Dorsalis pedis artery Supplies blood to the foot
11th cranial nerve A motor nerve that controls the motion of the neck and shoulder
endocrine glands ductless glands release hormonal secretions directly into the bloodstream
endocrine system specialized glands that effect the growth development sexual functions and health of the entire body
epicranial aponeurosis tendon that connects the occipitalis and frontalis muscles
epicranius covers the op of the skull
epithelial tissue protective covering on body surfaces such a skin membranse tissues inside the mouth
ethmoid bone light spingy bone between the eye scokets
exocrine glands duct glands sweat glands oil glands
extensor digitorum longus bends the foot up an extends the toes
extensor hallucis longus bends the big toe and flexes the foot
extensors straightens the wrist hand fingers to form a straight line
external jugular vein located on the side of the neck carries blood returning to the heart from the head face and neck
facial artery supplies blood to the lower reigon of the face mouth and nose
facial skeleton compose 14 bones
femur long bone that forms the leg above the knee
fibula bump on the little toe of the ankle
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