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Vocab#3 Fitness


Agility Move quickly and easy .
Balance Upright and steady .
Coordination Move 2 or more body parts smoothly, control, and effciently .
Speed Move quickly across the ground or move limbs rapidly to grad or throw .
Power Strength and speed, exert maximum muscular contraction.
Reaction Time Time to elapses between a stimulus and the responds to it.
Overload The amount of load, resistance, providing a great stress, and increase fitness
Cross Training Runner trains by doing another kind of fitness work, such as cycling and swimming.
Gerobic Physical conditioning to enchance circulatory and respiratory efflcienly. Such as jogging and swimming
Anaerobic Short duration. After 2 mins the body aerobic system kicks in.
Warm-Up Beginning of exercise session/workout
Cool down Allow your breathing, heart rate, and body temperature to gradually decrease and to return to pre-exercise.
Resting Rate The numbers of time your heart beats per mins while at complete rest.
Progression Individual should increase the load.
Specifiatly Implies that to become better at particular exercise or skill.
Creatine A body synthesize (makes) unitles store energy.
Anabolic Steroids Strength their muscles and improve endurance.
Cross Fit Strength and conditioning program as constantly varied functional movement
Target Rate Minimun numbers of heart beats
Physical Fitness Proper Nurtritons and being involved in daily activieses.
Created by: TationaSmiles