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Vocabulary 3 fitness

Physical fitness How well you are, well-being and how well your ability to preform is.
Agility the ability to be able to perform quickly by changing the body position.
Balance The ability to stand up right and be in control of movements.
Coordination Being able to move two or more body parts smoothly.
Speed Being able to move quickly.
Power Exerting force onto/into something
Reaction time Time that it takes someone to respond to something.
Overload Amount of load or resistance.
Cross training When someone trains by doing another kind of fitness workout other than what they are doing.
Aerobic Physical conditioning to enhance systems in your body typically a long exercise.
Anaerobic Short but highly intense exercise.
Warm up When begin a workout work your muscles by doing less intense versions of your exercise.
Cool down When you are ending an exercise you do a less intense version of it to.
Resting heart rate The number of times your heart beats per minute while resting.
Target heart rate The minimum number of heartbeats given in amount of time to reach goal.
Progression The way someone should increase the load.
Specificity To become better at a specific exercise.
Creatine a compound the body makes and uses it for storing energy.
Anabolic Building up
Crossfit A conditioning program with strength that's very intense and works most of you muscles.
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