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Kubler-Ross Stages of Grief and Loss Anger-"why me?" Denial- can't believe it has happened Bargaining- try to promise in order to get object/person back Depression-silence and withdrawal Acceptance-dealing with loss
Wellness An overall state of well being or total health
Physical health How well you take care of your body
Mental health How you feel about yourself and how you deal with problems
Social health How you get along with others
Good stress and bad stress are called Eustress and distress
What is the second leading cause of death among teenagers Suicide
What are some signs of a person with good self esteem Admit your mistake and accept yourself in spite of weaknesses
What things influence your personality (which do you have the most control over?) Behavior has the most control over you, attitude, feelings, and ways of thinking
Type A personality Rushed and competitive, try to accomplish as much as possible
Type B personality Calmer, non-competitive, no regard towards deadlines and time
What are signs and symptoms of OCD May wash hands repeatedly, ritual behaviors, must have order
What are the six basic nutrients and give an example(food) for each Carbohydrates- breads, fruits, veggies Protein- chicken, seafood Fat- seeds, oils Minerals- zinc, calcium Vitamin- A,D,E,K,B,C Water
What is the most important nutrient Water
What percentage of your diet should come from each nutrient Carbs: 55-60% Protein: 10-15% Fats: no more than 30%
Calorie The basic measure of energy in food
How many calories are in a regular glass of water Zero
Empty calorie A food that has little or no nutritional value
Anorexia When a person does not eat enough food to maintain a healthy weight
Bulimia When a person has uncontrolled binging than purging
What are 2 types of Cholesterol Bad- LDL Good- HDL
Your cholesterol score should be under 200 mg
Fat soluble vitamins and an example Stored until they are needed Ex. A,D,E,K
Water soluble vitamins and an example Must be supplied daily or they will be excreted Ex. B's and C's
Vitamin C can lead to what? Bleeding gums and noses, tooth loss
Vitamin D can lead to what? Weak muscles, delayed tooth development, slow wound healing
Calcium can lead to what? Bone loss (osteoporosis)
Iron can lead to what? Anemia
Can taking large amounts of vitamins can be harmful? Yes
1 g of carbohydrate equals? 4 calories
1 g of protein equals? 4 calories
1 gram of fat equals? 9 calories
What are some foods that good sources of Fiber? Fruits, veggies, whole grain products, seeds, beans
What are some foods that commonly cause an allergic reaction? Peanuts (nuts) Eggs Wheat
Fad Diet Popular diets that may help a person lose weight but without proper regard for nutrition
5 components of fitness and give examples of each Body composition- amount of body fat compared to lean tissue, such as muscle and bone. Flexibility- The ability to move a body part through a full range of motion. Muscular strength- the ability to exert force against resistance. Muscular endurance- the
If you take in less calories than you burn, you will _____ weight Lose
If you take in more calories than you burn, you will ____ weight Gain
What are some healthy ways to lose weight Recognize eating patterns Exercise Plan helpful strategies
What are some of the health benefits of exercise Promotes better sleep Boosts energy Improve self-esteem
Warm up Prepare muscles for work about to come
Cool down Do this to return your heart rate back to normal
What is the formula for calculating MHR 220- your age
What is the formula for calculating THR 220- your age, than multiply by .7 And 220- your age, than multiply by .85
In the U.S., Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is the leading cause of what? Birth defects and intellectual ability in the U.S.
Which body organ is primarily responsible for the breakdown of alcohol Liver
What is the cirrhosis of the liver Severe scarring and disruption of the liver, hard scare tissue replaces soft health tissue
Intoxication The physical and mental impairment from using alcohol
The type of alcohol found in beverages is... Ethanol
If a drink is 30% alcohol, the proof is... 60
If a drink is... % alcohol, the proof is 80 40
____ is the most addictive substance found in cigarettes Nicotine
___ is sometimes out in smokeless tobacco to help make it absorb quickly Fiberglass
Leukoplakia Thick, white, leathery patches inside the kitten from using smokeless tobacco
Carcinogen Cancer causing substances
What is an OTC On drugs can be purchased without a written note from a doctor called a prescription. In example is Advil
What is the most commonly used non-prescription analgesic drug? Aspirin
Flashback A similar reoccurrence of the facts of a hallucinogenic drug
Mainlining Injecting the drug directly into the vein
Skin popping Directing the driveway under the skin
A street/common name for MDMA is Ecstasy
What is the most commonly abused drug in the U.S. Alcohol
Stimulants Speeds up the central nervous system
Depressants Sow down the central nervous system and suppresses breathing and heartbeat
Tolerance Requiring more to a drug to achieve certain effects
Define and give some examples of hallucinogen A drug that causes images and hallucinations Examples are PCP, ecstasy, shrooms , LSD (acid)
Melanoma Most dangerous types of skin cancer
What should women do to help prevent against breaths cancer and how often? Breast self esteem and monthly
Pap smear A test to prevent cervical cancer
Benign Non- cancerous
Malignant Cancerous
Metastasis Spread of cancer from the point where it originated to other parts of the body
Can a person with the flu still be contagious when they start to feel better Yes
Alzheimer's Disease that destroys memory
Hepatitis Inflammation of the liver
MRI Uses powerful magnets to look inside the body
What are communicable (infectious) diseases Disease that spread
What are the functions of the ovaries Produce eggs Produce hormones Protect eggs
What are the functions of testicles Produce sperm Produce hormones
What is the primary male hormone and female hormone Testosterone and estrogen
The average length of a menstrual cycle is __ days 28
Nocturnal emissions are also know as Wet dreams
Toxic shock syndrome Bacteria can breed on the blood that is left on Tamils. Within the body
Ovulation Once puberty begins, one of the ovaries release a ripened egg about once a month
Fertilization Sperm reaches the egg
Conception ( egg fertilized by sperm) occurs in the___ Uterus
Chromosomes xx is a___ Girl
Chromosomes XY is a___ Boy
What test is given to newborns during the first day of life? APGAR
The ___ is also known as the "birth canal" Vagina
Amniocentesis (Amino) Test In this test, done at 15 to 18 weeks, amniotic fluid is extracted via the abdomen and analyzed form chromosomal defects and genetic defects
Circumcision (Religious, cultural) the removal of the loose skin covering the head/ tip of the penis
Abstinence Voluntarily choosing not to engage in sexual activity until marriage
What is the #1 transmitted bacterial STI Chlamydia
HIV stands for what and define it Human Immunodeficiency Virus Virus that damages your immune system and interferes fighting back diseases
AIDS stand for what and define it Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Disease where severe loss of the body's cellular immunity
What are some ways that HIV/AIDS can be spread (transmission)? Through any form of sexual intercourse with an infected person, through contact with blood or blood parts of an infected person, breast milk, mother has it than gives birth to baby that now has it