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Lab Skills Procedure

Module 7: Collecting a Urine Specimen (Routine or Random)

Explain the procedure to the client Helps to prepare the client for the urine specimen
Perform hand hygiene Reduces the transmission of microorganisms
Gather and assemble supplies Promotes efficiency and prepares for the procedure
Put on gloves Reduces the transmission of microorganisms
Label the outside of the specimen container Prevents inaccurate identification that could lead to errors
Ask or assist the client to wipe the vulva from front to back or penis around the tip with the sanitizing wipe and to void in the clean specimen pan or bedpan Prevents contamination of urine
Remove the lid on the specimen container and do not touch the inside of the lid or specimen container. Place the lid in the upright position onto a clean surface. Prevents contamination of specimen container
Pour the urine into the specimen container to about 3/4 full and place the lid on the specimen container Ensures the collection of an adequate amount of urine
Place the labelled specimen and requisition into the biohazard bag Protects health care personnel from contamination
Cleanse specimen pan or bedpan as per agency policies and procedures Provides clean equipment for reuse
Remove gloves and perform hand hygiene Reduces the transmission of microorganisms
Leave the client safe and comfortable Promotes client comfort and safety
Take the urine specimen to the designated area for transport to the lab according to agency policy Protects the quality of the specimen
Report and document the specimen collection as per agency policy Ensures effective communication with the health care team
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