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Week 2 Flashcards

Maro- large
Micro- one-millionth; small
-cephaly head
Medial pertaining to the middle
Lateral pertaining to the side
Dorsal pertaining to the back
Inferior Pertaining to below
Superior Pertaining to above or the top
Aden/o- Gland
-pathy disease, suffering
Epi- upon, above
-plasia condition of growth or formation
-ia condition, state, thing
-al pertaining to
Necr/o- dead cells, tissue, or body
Iatr/o- physician, medical treatment
Iatrogenic Caused by physician or medical treatment
Nosocomial Pertaining to hospital
-itis Inflammation of, infection of
-oma tumor, mass
scler/o- hard, sclera (white of the eye)
Lip/o- lipid (fat)
Endo- innermost, within
-scope instrument used to examine
-scopy process of using an instrument to examine
-tripsy process of crushing
-ectomy surgical excision
-plasty process of reshaping by surgery
Dys- painful, difficult, abnormal
-tomy process of cutting or making an incision
-stomy surgically created opening
-emia condition of the blood; substance in the blood
-osis condition; abnormal condition; process
-logy the study of
Arthr/o- joint
Ot/o- ear
Mal- bad, inadequate
Erythr/o- red
Cyan/o- Blue
Hem/o; Hemat/o- Blood
Arthroplasty Surgical replacement of joints
Tracheotomy Surgical incision of the trachea
Tracheostomy Surgically created opening into the trachea
Bradycardia Condition of slow heartbeat.
Arteriosclerosis In layman's terms, "hardening of the arteries". Abnormal condition of arterial hardening.
Aortic stenosis Abnormal narrowing or constriction of the aorta, usually at the aortic arch, right off the heart.
Thrombosis Abnormal condition of having a blood clot
Syncope fainting
NPO Latin: nil per os (nothing by mouth)
Diaphoresis Profuse sweating (caused by a serious medical condition)
Created by: Marlys