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What is cyberstalking? The use of the Internet or other electronic means to repeatedly harass an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization in a menacing fashion.
How can cyberstalking take form? By rude or threatening messages, slanderous information or repeated, unwanted messages.
When online harassment rises to the level of cyberstalking, children must confide in their ______________? Parents/guardians, a teacher or a police officer.
Who is best situated to take the next step, which may be reporting the behaviour to their Internet Service Provider, the school board, the local police or the RCMP? Adults.
The Criminal Code of Canada makes reference to __________. Stalking as a criminal harassment.
What does the Criminal Code if Canada state? That no person shall engage in repeated conduct such as stalking, engaging in unwanted direct or indirect communication, or engaging in threatening behaviour that causes the victim to fear for their safety or the safety of people known to them.
Most forms of online harassment do not qualify as a __________. Criminal harassment.
Actions that break the Criminal Code of Canada are...? Are all punishable by law.
A cyberstalker who uses the Internet only to mask his or her identity may be... Difficult to trace.
A cyberstalker whose identity is known can be cautioned by a... Restraining order or a visit from police.
What does the Internet provide instant access to? Maps, telephone directories, and school websites.
Many cyberstalkers create detailed lists of their victims___. Fear that the cyberstalker will find them online.
What does the Internet open a wide variety of? Social media sites and applications, hundreds of thousands of websites with personal profiles and photographs, online beauty contests, dating service websites, and sites dedicated to hobbies and sports.
What is trolling? Nasty online commentary that takes pleasure in making other users or a particular user uncomfortable or upset.
Sometimes a cyberstalker _______ on a person he or she encountered online, including ___ public profiles or other regular Internet activity. Fixates--Via
What makes no difference on who a cyberstalker will select? Income, education, and urban or rural setting.
What can they potentially amass a lot of? Information about the target of their unwanted attentions.
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