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Female System

Reproductive System/Overview of Obstetrics

Uterus Provides a place for the nourishment and development of the fetus during pregnancy; contracts rhythmically and powerfully to help push out the fetus during the process of birthing.
Fallopian tubes Serve as ducts to convey the ovum from the ovary to the uterus and to convey spermatozoa from the uterus toward each ovary.
Ovaries Produce ova and hormones.
Vagina Female organ of copulation (sexual intercourse), serves as a passageway for the discharge of menstruation and a passageway for the birth of a fetus.
Vulva External female genitalia.
Mons pubis Provides pad of fatty tissue.
Labia majora Provides two folds of adipose tissue.
Labia minora Lying within the labia majora, encloses the vestibule.
Vestibule Serves as the entrance to the urethra, the vagina, and two excretory ducts of Bartholin glands located on either side of the vaginal opening at the base of the labia majora. These glands secrete mucus for lubrication.
Clitsoris Erectile tissue that is homologous to the penis of the male; produces pleasurable sensations during the sexual act.
Breasts Following childbirth, mammary glands produce milk.
abort/o to miscarry
cervic/o cervix, neck
coit/o a coming together
colp/o vagina
culd/o cul-de-sac
cyst/o bladder
fibr/o fibrous tissue
gynec/o female
hyster/o womb, uterus
mamm/o breast
mast/o breast
men/o month, menses, menstruation
metr/o womb, uterus
my/o muscle
o/o ovum, egg
oophor/o ovary
pareun/o lying beside, sexual intercourse
rect/o rectum
salping/o fallopian tubes
uter/o uterus
vagin/o vagina
venere/o sexual intercourse
vers/o turning
abortion (AB) Process of miscarrying (either spontaneous or induced); termination of pregnancy before the fetus is viable (capable of living outside of the uterus). Treatment during or after miscarriage includes measures to prevent hemorrhage and infection.
adnexa Accessory parts of a structure; adnexa uteri refers to the ovaries and fallopian tubes
amenorrhea Lack of the monthly flow (menses or menstruation)
bartholinitis Inflammation of Bartholin glands. To check for swelling, redness, or tenderness, a Bartholin gland is palpated at the posterior labia major
cervictis Inflammation of the uterine cervix
cesarean section (CS, C-section) Delivery of the fetus by means of an incision through the abdominal cavity and then into the uterus.
colposcope Medical instrument used to examine the vagina and cervix by means of a magnifying lens
contraception Process of preventing conception
culdocentesis Surgical puncture of the cul-de-sac for removal of fluid
cystocele Hernia of the bladder that protrudes into the vagina
Doppler ultrasound Procedure using an audio transformation of high-frequency sounds to monitor the fetal heartbeat
dysmenorrhea Difficult or painful monthly flow (menses or menstruation)
dyspareunia Difficult or painful sexual intercourse (copulation)
eciampsia Complication of severe preeclampsia that involves seizures; also known as toxemia or pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH)
ectopic pregnancy ( tubal pregnancy) A pregnancy that occurs when the fertilized egg is implanted in one of various sites, the most common being a fallopian tube
endometriosis Pathological condition in which endometrial tissue has been displaced to various sites in the abdominal or pelvic cavity
fibroma Fibrous tissue tumor
genitalia Male or female reproductive organs
gravida Refers to any pregnancy, regardless of duration, including the present one
group B streptococcus (GBS) Type of bacterium commonly found in the vagina and intestinal tract
gynecologist Physician who specializes in the study of the female, especially the diseases of the female reproductive organs and the breasts
gynecology (GYN) Study of the female, especially the diseases of the female reproductive organs and the breasts
hymenectomy Surgical excision of the membranous fold of tissue (the hymen) that partially or completely covers the vaginal opening
hysterectomy Surgical excision of the uterus
hysteroscope Instrument used in the biopsy of uterine tissue before 12 weeks of gestation
hysterotomy Incision into the uterus, commonly combined with a laparotomy (surgical incision into the abdomen) during a cesarean section
laser ablation Procedure that uses a laser to destroy the uterine lining
linea nigra Dark line on the abdomen that runs from above the umbilicus to the pubis during pregnancy
lochia Vaginal discharge occurring after childbirth
lumpectomy Surgical removal of a tumor from the breast
mammoplasty Surgical repair of the breast
mastectomy Surgical excision of the breast can involve a modified radical or a radical mastectomy
mastitis Inflammation of the breast that occurs most commonly in women who are breastfeeding.
menarche Beginning of the monthly flow (menses, menstruation)
menopause Cessation of the monthly flow; also called climacteric
menorrhagia Excessive uterine bleeding at the time of a menstrual period, either in number of days or amount of blood or both
menorrhea Normal monthly flow (menses, menstruation)
mittelschmerz Abdominal pain that occurs midway between the menstrual periods at ovulation
myometritis Inflammation of the muscular wall of the uterus
oligomenorrhea Scanty monthly flow (menses, menstruation)
oogenesis Formation of the ovum
oophorectomy Surgical excision of an ovary
ovulation Process in which an ovum is discharged from the cortex of the ovary
para Means to bear or bring forth; refers to a woman who has given birth after a minimum of 20 weeks gestation, regardless of whether the infant is born alive or dead
pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)d Infection of the upper genital area; can affect the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes
perimenopause Period of gradual changes that lead into menopause, affecting a woman's hormones, body, and feelings
placenta previa In this condition, the placenta is improperly implanted in the lower uterine segment
postcoital Pertaining to after sexual intercourse
preclampsia Serious complication of pregnancy characterized by increasing hypertension, proteinuria (abnormal concentrations of urinary protein), and edema, also know as toxemia or pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH)
premenstrual syndrome (PMS) Condition that affects certain women and can cause distressful symptoms that begin 2 weeks before the onset of menstruation.
rectovaginal Pertaining to the rectum and vagina
retroversion Process of being turned backward, such as the displacement of the uterus with the cervix pointed forward
salpingectomy Surgical excision of a fallopian tube
salpingitis Inflammation of a fallopian tube
salpingo-oophorectomy Surgical excision of an ovary and a fallopian tube
toxic shock syndrome(TSS) A serious bacterial infection caused by staphylococcus aureus bacteria.
uterine fibroid Being fibrous tumor of the uterus made up of muscle cells and other tissues that grow within the wall of the uterus
vaginitis Inflammation of the vagina
veneral Pertaining to or resulting from sexual intercourse
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