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Texas Juvenile Law

What can be done with a Juvenile who commits an offense Detain up to 6 hours, Take to parents, Take to school, refer to justice system, write citation, 1st offender program
Maximum time Juvenile can be sentenced 40 years
When is a statement by a child NOT admissable During detention hearing
Primary purpose of investigation when dealing with incidents involving children Protection of the child
Interfering with CPS investigation is a . . . Misdemeanor B
Color for Krypts Blue
Color for Bloods Red
Why do gangs use grafiti mark territory, deface others grafiti, challenge others
Most common gang crime Drugs
Most effective way for police to deal with gangs Enforce the law
Juvenile justice code enforces against Delinquency, Conduct in need of supervision, Designed to protect and rehabilitate
What police officer does when investigating runaway Make a report, notify parents
Delinquent conduct could also include a MC if charged with Contempt of court
Juvenile court can defer for _____ days and then ______ the charges 90, dismiss
What must happen if a child is put in a non-approved detention facility Must be released immediately
Who must you tell if you are taking a child into custody Parents
Definition of a child for custody purposes 10 to 16, includes 17 if crime committed before 17
Status Offender A child who commits an act that would NOT be a crime as an adult
Non Offender Juvenile that is a victim or witness or involved in custody battle
Custodian Adult that the child resides with is the. . .
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