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Drug unit- saxton

Common Drugs and Alcohol vocabulary used in the drug unit

Intoxicated Drunk or high
Tolerance When you need more and more of the same drug to get the same effect. Example: Someone starts smoking one cigarette a day but years later they may be up to 2 packs a day.
Tobacco A naturally grown plant that can be turned into cigarettes and "chew". Nicotine naturally exists in the tobacco plant.
Nicotine The addictive ingredient in cigarettes.
Addiction/Dependence When a person feels like they need the drug to function throughout the day. It takes over the sole purpose in their life.
Withdrawal symptoms Physical and mental pain when a drug a person is addicted to is taken away.
Abuse Using a drug for the wrong reasons but on purpose. Example: A kid sniffing white out or drinking a whole bottle of cough medicine so they can get high.
Misuse Using a drug for the wrong reasons but on accident. Example: A little old lady taking her husbands blood pressure pills in the dark when she thought she was taking an aspirin. Or a toddler getting into the medicine cabinet.
Prescription drugs Drugs that you need a doctor's written permission to have. Very strong and could be addictive or deadly if used incorrectly.
OTC drugs Over the counter drugs. Drugs anyone can buy. Can be dangerous if misused or abused.
Stimulant A drug that speeds up your central nervous system. Can have a dangerous effect on your heart and long term use can cause you to have a heart attack. Common stimulant drugs include nicotine and cocaine.
Depressant A drug that slows down your central nervous system. Can also have dangerous effects on your heart. Most widely used depressant drug is alcohol. Some others include painkillers and sleeping pills.
Hallucinogen A drug that messes with your senses. It makes you see and/or hear things that do not really exist. It could cause you to do many dangerous behaviors.
GHB A drug that has no taste, color, or smell. It a person unknowingly drink it, you can pass out and become unconscious. Many people can then be taken advantage of while they are unaware of their surroundings and can't fight back.
Inhalants When you breathe in fumes and they cut off the supply of oxygen to your body. Very dangerous. Makes you feel dizzy. Examples include white out, sharpie markers, helium balloons, paint, and gasoline.
Intervention A meeting that loved ones hold when they confront a drug addict to try to convince them that they need to seek help for their drug addiction.
Anonymous When a person's name is unknown
Binge Drinking "Drinking to get drunk". Consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time which causes you to get "drunk".
Sober Not drunk or high
3rd hand smoke Smoke that lands on objects. Can be unhealthy. Examples: smoke on furniture, clothes, hair.
F.A.S. Stands for fetal alcohol syndrome. If a pregnant woman is drinking alcohol it can deprive nourishment to the unborn baby. This could cause the baby to have physical and/or mental birth defects. A pregnant woman should not drink alcohol.
B.A.C Stands for blood alcohol content. This is the measure of alcohol in your blood. This is measured by a breathalyzer. If your BAC is .08% you are considered drunk.
DWI Stands for driving while intoxicated.
Ulcer A tear/hole in the lining of your stomach. Can be caused by smoking. It is painful.
Gateway drugs Alcohol, marijuana, tobacco. Using these drugs at a young age, can lead someone down a dangerous path that may one day lead to them trying harder and even more dangerous deadly drugs.
Natural high Something you can do to make you happy/feel good without using drugs. The more natural highs you have the less likely you are to do drugs.
Cirrhosis of the liver Drinking too much alcohol can destroy the liver and cause it to stop working properly. This disease can be deadly.
THC-Tetrahydorcannibanol The main active addictive ingredient in marijuana that makes the user high
Created by: Mrsbruckner