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Sociology Midterm

Facework AFTER situation has occured
Indirect Socialization TV, Movies, Music; Secondary
Direct Socialization Parents, Close Friends; Primary
Emoji Symbolism of emotions, culture based
Meme Lowkey sarcasm of spreading truth, culture based
Egocenturism Early Childhood, "Kayneism", self centered
Resocilalization process of unlearning old habits, learning new habits, degradation ceremony
Anticipatory Socialization Occupying a role before you're in it, anticipating what comes of a role
Degradation Ceremony unlearning process
Culture learned values, beliefs, shared attitudes
Innovation Invention --> mass market product
Diffusion Societies share components of culture
Survey Pros:Inexpensive Cons: Low Response Rate
Naturalistic Observation Field Observation, no interference
Experiment can prove CAUSATION, independent and dependent variables
Lowest Crime Index in FL highest crime rate, Miami (same as Detroit)
Sociological Imagination seeing connection & disconnection between self and surrounding society
Deviant Behavior frowned upon, formal and informal views, dependent on sex, geographics, age, and race etc.
Sanction Positive & Negative, Formal: Employee of the month ; Informal: Hug, High Five Formal: Prison ; Informal: timeout
Reference Group people whom share values, friends/coworkers, dont always have to be apart of your reference group, can have mutiple
Pop-Culture popular culture, media
Counter-Culture KKK, and culture that is a very hard opposite of what Pop culture is at the time
Subcultures specific lifestyles someone works at being, Nurse, Student, Gymnast
Correlation some connection between 3 things, no exact proof
Causation Cause and Effect
SES Social Status, Economic, Education
Rebellion New Means, completely getting rid of old means
Retreatism giving up on the means
Innovation "Strain theory" keeping goals, using deviant means
Material Culture tangible objects
Non-Material Culture Learning how to use materialistic objects
Cultural Lag the time difference between non-material and material culture; material is coming faster than we know how to use it
Authoritative Parents Warm, Firm rules
Authoritarian Parents My way or the high way, no explanation, cold, a lot of rules
Permissive Parents bestfriends with kids, very few rules
Uninvolved Parents Not warm, not cold, no rules, just not there
Feudal System Kings & Queens times, peasants live on land and in return work & give to owner of land
Caste System Ascribed; closed, born into
Open System Achieved; will vs. will nots, work to get
Key & Peele Videos symbolism in the hats, newer is better
Role Strain Strain on one statues
Role Conflict Stress between 2 or more roles/statuses
Dramaturgical Approach Front stage, back stage
Functionalists purpose towards the society, benefits/ negatives
Conflict Theorists Inequality in society
Feminists Theorists Sex Differences, male/female problems
Symbolic Interactionists Symbolic/shared meanings, between 1 or 2 people
Looking Glass Self how we think others see us, usually very wrong, we think less of ourself
Role Taking taking on views of others, very beneficial to ourselves and society
Achieved Status Works for
Ascribed Status Born into
Master Status Most important to you, top role of statuses, our top can be different from what someone else thinks our master status is
Gender vs. Sex Masculine/ feminine vs. male/female
Values Self important
Folkways Society Norms
Mores Laws from a long time ago, still used in today
WEB DuBoise & knowledge MOST IMPORTANT thing in life is knowledge
Social sciences Criminologists, Economists, Political Scientists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Sociologists
Gobbledygook vs Euphemisms nonsense big words vs. nicer words for less desirable things
Organized Crime can escape punishment because of money
White Collar Few individuals acquiring money for persons
Cyber Crime scamming someone, identity theft
Status Inconsistency teacher while being a student at the same time
Cultural Relativism not judging someone or something from the outiside
Deductive Reasoning General to specific
Inductive Reasoning Specific to general
Glass Ceiling feminists, invisible cap of vertical mobility
Internet Addiction Disorder more popular, similar scans to a person addicted to cocaine; internet cafes in Asia
Wealth your money makes you money, passed through generations
Proletariat working class, effort to make businesses possible
Culture Shock change in culture, disorienting, disturbing
3 Ps Prosperity, Power, Prestige
Pluralism vs. Multiculturalism Miami has many different cultures inside of American Culture vs everybody expresses value of least represented values
Emotional Labor maintain emotions to assist, happens in backstage
Biologist Genetics and Nature
Sociologists Environment and Nurture
Karl Marx anti-capitalism, socialism, communism, have vs have nots
Charles Darwin evolutionary theory, natural selection
Random Sample probability, sample group, total random
Theories not 100%, derived from past experiments, guide us
Vertical Change in Mobility CNA --> RN
Horizontal Change in Mobility Cashier to Cashier
Primary Social Groups Direct, Parents, Intimate
Secondary Social Groups Indirect, coworkers, less intimate
Narcotizing Dysfunction takes important situation and talks about it so much people stop listening
Ego Iceberg ID (desires) vs. Super Ego (Morals), Ego is a balance of ID and Super Ego
Social Classes 7 social classes, 4 major classes
Structural/ Demographic/ Individual Factors changes in economy and government/ education, gender, race, ethnicity/family background
McDonaldization efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control
Cultural Universals difference on how to handle different cultures
Culture War when values, beliefs, etc. fight over which cultures beliefs are right
Zimbardo Study assigned roles in the prison based on personalities, and watched how someone embodies the roles given to them
Manifest Function tended to be seen and noted, expected to pay at a restaurant
Latent Function receive outside info, work for experience
Groupthink agree to something to not have to think about it on your own
Empirical Data information that was been tried and proven
Failures of Social Networks failed relationships, personality deficiencies
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