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They maintain patients' medical records and transcribe or write down, information from doctor/provider notes. Medical transcriptionist
They work with spreadsheets to analyze costs and profits. Health care managers
They work with sick children and diagnose and treat them. Pediatricians
Examine patients, arrange treatment plans and provide daily care. Registered nurses.
Devise treatment plans for injured patients working on recovery by helping to regain strength and movement. Physical Therapist
Values that help people know right from wrong. Ethics
These workers help to manage the flow of health communication. Health informatics workers
Procedures and practices put into place to help healthcare workers, patients and others to be protected. Safety practices
Key skills needed for employees to work together. Teamwork skills
Skill necessary for making good decisions and identify goals, generate alternatives, gather information and make judgments. Decision making skills
Skill needed in recognizing problems and finding solutions. Problem solving skills
Key skill in listening and understanding the patients' description of symptoms. Listening skills
Skills needed to communicate ideas and patient findings in a medical setting. These skills may be used orally or written. Communication skills
Essential for putting patients at ease and developing good working relationships with coworkers. Social skills
Licensed professional who practices medicine under the supervision of a physician. They provide most of the duties of a physician. Physician Assistant
Trained to provide emergency medical care to patients and to take patients to medical facilities. EMTs/Paramedics
Doctor that examines the eyes for vision purposes. Optometrist
Technicians who take x-rays for diagnostic purposes. Xray technician
Assistants who interact with patient and do tasks such as moving the patients and taking blood pressures daily. Nursing assistants
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