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Body Systems + parts

Healthy Living Body systems and parts

Body Systems A group of organs that work together to perform tasks
Nervous System The body system for control and communication
Circulatory System Body System that transports oxygen, food and waste through body
Respiratory System Body System that helps the body use air that is inhaled
Skeletal System Body system that serves as a support framework
Muscular System Body System that helps move and maintain posture
Integumentary System Body System made up of parts that cover and protect your body
Digestive System Body System that breaks down food
Urinary System Body system that removes liquid waste from the body
Endocrine System Body System that is made up of glands that produce hormones
Brain An organ that is the control center for the body
Cerebrum The part of the brain where thinking takes place
Spinal Cord Thick Band of nerve cells that send and receive and send messages
Reflex Action Quick movement not directed by the brain
Plasma Liquid part of blood
Red Blood Cells Cells that carry O8 and CO2 away from blood cells
White Blood Cells Blood cells that fight germs
Platelets Blood cells that help other blood clot
Heart Organ that pumps blood to the body
Artery Blood vessel that carries blood away from body
Vein Blood vessel that returns blood to the heart
Capillary Tiny blood vessel that connects arteries and veins
Trachea Windpipe that air travels through
Joint A point at which two bones meet
Cartilage Soft material at the end of bones
Voluntary Muscles Muscles you control
Involuntary Muscles Muscles you don't control
Tendons Tissue fibers that connect muscles to joints
Sweat Glands Glands that help maintain healthful body temperature
Melanin Gives your skin color
Saliva Liquid that softens food
Esophagus Tube which passes food in the stomach
Stomach Organ that releases digestive juices to break down food
Small Intestine Organ which most digestion takes place
Pancreas Gland that secludes and breaks down foods
Liver Gland that produces bile
Gall Bladder Organ that stores bile
Large Intestine Organ that stores food until it leaves the body
Urinary System Removes liquid waste from body
Kidney Organ that blood circulates as wastes are filtered
Urine Liquid waste that collects in the urinary system
Created by: A_I_K