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Pharm - PrescripTerm

Medical Terminology

computerized prescription prescription entered into a device and printed out
electronic prescription prescription entered into a device, signed, and sent electronically
prescription set of instructions from a qualified healthcare professional to a pharmacist
verbal prescription prescription given by a physician to the pharmacist over the phone
written prescription prescription handwritten on a preprinted form
p.r. by rectum or rectally; the delivery of medication by inserting it into the rectum
top. topical/topically; medication that is applied to the skin
tab tablet: solid pills that are taken orally or rectally
cap. capsule; a pill containing powder or liquid medication inside a shell
gtt(s) drops; liquid medication applied in small doses into the eyes, mouth, or ears
Rx: abbreviation for prescription
q: every; this abbreviation is added to other abbreviations to quantify frequency
qd: every day; means that a medication should be taken every day.
prn: as needed, whenever necessary; some medications are taken on an as-needed basis, depending on how a person feels
a.c. before meals; some medications need to be taken with food to avoid stomach irritation.
inj. a medication that is delivered by needle directly into the bloodstream
IV the injection of medication directly into the bloodstream
IM the injection of medication directly into a muscle
PO abbreviation meaning “by mouth”
e.m.p. use as directed; this means patients must take the medication exactly as directed
NPO nothing by mouth; this means that patients cannot ingest anything by mouth
Admov apply; this direction is used for medications that need to be applied topically
D.A.W. this means the person filling the prescription may not substitute a generic brand
NR this means that a prescription can be filled only once
cubic centimeter standard measurement of drug volume
gram standard unit of weight measurement
fluid ounce unit of liquid volume
metric system official system of drug measurement
microgram unit equal to one thousandth of a milligram
milligram unit equal to one thousandth of a gram
tablespoon unit of measurement that is about .5 of a fluid ounce
teaspoon unit of measurement that is about .16th of a fluid ounce
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