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Unit 2 Review

Medical Terminology

Which lists the EMT classification from highest to lowest level? paramedic → AMET → EMT
Paula broke her arm and had a cast on for six weeks. When the cast came off, she needed to build up the muscles she had not used in a long time. Who would Paula most likely be referred to? a PT
Carlos and Shandra are EMTs. Carlos is able to do basic emergency care, and Shandra is able to do advanced life support. Which would best classify Carlos and Shandra? an EMT, and a paramedic
Elsie is a medical professional who can work independently to provide care to pregnant patients. Which would Elsie most likely be classified as? an OB RN
A patient’s order says the patient is not allowed out of bed. Which abbreviation would least likely be in the patient’s chart? BRP
Diabetes can result in a high level of sugar in the blood. Which abbreviations would most likely be on the chart of a patient with diabetes? BS and FBW
Heather tells the nurse that she has never had a bad reaction to any medication or food. The nurse would most likely write the abbreviation ___ in Heather’s chart. NKA
Lori just had a heart attack. At the hospital, the doctor ordered a test to monitor her heart activity. The doctor most likely put the abbreviation ____ in her orders. EKG
Which of the following abbreviations would most likely be used to document a patient experiencing a build-up of mucus in their body? CF
Which of the following abbreviations is used to document cases in which the cause of a patient's symptoms are unknown? FUO
Which medical abbreviation would a doctor use to refer to a heart attack? AMI
Eriq sees his physician after he develops numerous warts all over his body. Eriq doesn’t recognize name of the infection, but he’s very familiar its abbreviation. HPV
Buddy was admitted to the hospital. Lisa had an appointment but was not admitted. Buddy is an inpatient, and Lisa is an outpatient.
Gerald is filling out paperwork to be admitted to the hospital. Filling out paperwork is a part of the intake
Hunter was recently diagnosed with cancer. He notifies his insurance company that every month he is paying an extra $100 out of his paycheck to make sure he can cover his chemotherapy treatments. a personal insurance plan
A report was sent to the hospital administrator indicating that the last four months, the enforced safety regulations resulted in a twenty percent decrease in workplace injuries. The admin also received some recommends on how to further decrease that %. OSHA
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