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Managerial Skills

Health Information Technology Related

Conceptual Skills Understand diverse fields, deal with complex situations, visioning; see parts of problem, integrate, innovate solutions
Interpersonal Skills Ability to work with/through others to accomplish goals; a conceptual skill
Self-monitoring High performers trait; ability to observe rxn, adjust behavior to improve relationship, communicate, motivate, influence, manage conflict; complements interacting; a conceptual skill
Emotional Intelligence (EI) Conceptual skill; awareness and use of feelings complement rational intelligence and experience; key to success
Self-awareness attribute of EI; monitor one's feelings as they occur; gives certainty and ability and ID early vague feelings
Self-regulation attribute of EI; manage one's emotions/impulses; reflective, good w/change/ambiguity
Motivation attribute of EI; Essential for focusing attn; mastering situations, creativity, productivity; success
Empathy attribute of EI; recognize others' emotions; good for teamwork; adjust behavior accordingly
Social Skills attribute of EI; central to popularity, effectiveness, leadership
Technical Skills Understanding,mastering technical info, methods, equip. involved in a discipline
Conceptual + interpersonal skills are said to be most useful regarding promotion status; used more often at higher levels than tech skills
Conceptual skills are more useful in leading/planning because they ___ involve understanding the systems view of the total organization
Role theory framework for examining behavior in field of sociology; applied in management to clarify job responsibilities
Mintzberg's Role Studies Three categories of Mngr Activitites: interpersonal, informational, decisional
Manager Interpersonal Activity per Mintzberg Figurehead, Liaison, Leader
Manager Informational Activity per Mintzberg Monitor, Disseminator, Spokesperson
Manager Decisional Activity per Mintzberg Entrepreneur, Disturbance Handler, Resource Allocator, Negotiator
Mintzberg activities characterized in hc managers leader, liaison, monitor, entrepeneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator
evidence-based management/info-based management decisions based on best clinical/research evidence that proposed practices will work
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