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Health Information Technology Related

Planning First step in management
Mission statement Drives enterprise planning; defines purpose
Vision statement Describes ideal/desired future state
Strategic plan Follows from Mission; sets priorities/goals; incorporates SWOT
Tactical plans strategic plan at level of divisions and departments
Operational plans strategic plan at lower levels, implemented as daily activities
Goals Expression of plans - statements of intended outcomes, give source of direction/motivation; guideline; result of business process
Organizing Allocating resources to achieve goals; follows planning
Vertical Structure Formal design of job positions within divisions, lines of authority and responsibility, allocation of resources
Line authority right of managers to direct subordinate activities
Staff authority expert knowledge = advising and recommending course of action
span of control Specific staff reporting to specific supervisor
HMC - Healthcare Management Council Provides a Span of Control Analysis to optimize organization structure
delegation related to span of control, managers transfer authority to subordinates to carry out responsibility
decentralization authority/responsibility moves to lower levels; top managers handle other priorities; more burden on workers (?and empowerment)
Directing/Leading Third managerial function, accomplishes goals by influencing behavior, motivating/inspiring > performance
Power Ability to influence, central to leadership
Power sources ability to influence is derived from several possible sources (listed in this set)
Authority/legitimate power source right of position to direct activities of subordinates
reward power source based on leader's ability to withhold/give rewards for performance
coercive power maintains control over punishments
referent power admiring workers follow charismatic leader
expert power leader's knowledge/expertise is of value
information power leader's persuasive message (not based on referent power)
Controlling/Evaluating Final managerial function; monitors performance
Executive dashboard critical info for leading organization, key strategic measures/forecasts other stats/accounting
Management levels first-line (lower) to middle to top
Supervisor hands-on manager of daily operations over unit or department division; tech skills, limited hire/finance authority
Middle manager broader scope than supervisor, oversee all functions of department, P&P, Stats, Report to executive mngr
Executive manager strategic plan, direction, asset/resource mgmt; COO, CFO, CNO, CIO, CMO, CEO (typical in healthcare)
Governing board responsible for operation of entire organization; final authority; 10-20 members + chair from business (stockholders), stakeholders (community, etc)
Created by: Janas