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Healthcare Ind Acces

Medical Terminology

healthcare system an organized network that delivers medical care services
access to care an individual’s ability to receive medical care based on factors like availability, location, cost, and ability to pay
insurance a service that contracts with individuals and groups to provide medical services in exchange for regular payments from the individual through a provider
coverage the specific group of healthcare services that an insurance provider is willing to reimburse healthcare providers for on behalf of their clients
premium the required regular payment that an individual agrees to pay to an insurance company in exchange for insurance coverage
health savings account (HSA) a tax-free savings account offered to individuals who are covered by insurance plans with high deductibles
health management organization (HMO) a type of health insurance in which a group of healthcare providers accept insurance payments to provide specific health services to members of the plan at a renegotiated rate
preferred provider organization (PPO) a type of health insurance in which a group of healthcare providers accept reduced rates for services from the insurance providers on behalf of the plan members
deductible an amount of money that must be paid out by a member of an insurance plan before the insurance company will offer reimbursement
private insurance an insurance plan in which patients pay monthly premiums for healthcare coverage, and submit claims for reimbursement
personal insurance plan a health insurance plan in which a person sets aside money to use in the future to cover predicted medical expenses
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