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Health Study Guide

What is health? A combination of physical, mental/emotional and social well being.
What is wellness? State of well being, or balanced health over a period of time.
What is the mind-body connection? How your emotions affect your physical and overall health, and how your overall health effects your emotions.
What are behaviors? The way you choose to act. AKA, your choices.
What are attitudes? Feelings and beliefs.
What is social health? Your ability to get along with all the different types of people around you.
What is communication? To interact with one another verbally/non-verbally.
What is a mixed message? A situation in which your body says one thing, but your words say another.
What is body language? To move your body accordingly non-verbally.
What is cooperation? Working together for the good of all.
What is compromise? The result of each person's giving up something in order to reach a solution that satisfies everyone.
What is a peer? People close to you in age who are a lot like you.
What is acquaintance? Someone you see occasionally or know casually.
What is friendship? A relationship with someone you know, trust, and regard with affection.
What is an assertive response? States your position strongly and confidently.
What is teasing? Annoy persistently.
What is taunting? Provokes anger, fear, or both in the other person. THIS IS BULLYING.
What does STOP stand for? Say no, Tell why not, Offer another excuse, Promptly walk away.
What is negative peer pressure? To force someone to do something bad.
What is positive peer pressure? To force someone to do something good.
What is indirect peer pressure? To indirectly affect someone in a good OR bad way.
What are the 5 rules of good speaking skills? Think, then speak. Use iMessages. Make clear, simple statements. Be honest with thoughts and feelings. Use good body language.
What are 4 characteristics that all relationships benefit from? Trust, respect, patience, tolerance.
What are the 7 qualities of a good friend? Shared values, reliability, loyalty, sympathy, caring, trust, and respect.
What are 4 examples of bullying behaviors? Intended to harm, Involves humiliating and cruel comments, laughs at the target and not with, and can lead to physical bullying.
What are 3 ways you can NOT be a target? Be assertive, Make friends, and avoid bullies.
Define the different communication styles. Which one is the best? Passive: Shy, quiet voice. Assertive:Normal, but firm tone. Aggressive: Rude, loud tone. Assertive is the best.
Created by: rainishadod0292