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Unit 1 Review I

Medical Terminology

Dr. Wong explained to her patient Bryan that he has an early stage of cancer and that the cancer should not cause long-term illness. Which is the best term for the doctor’s explanation? prognosis
Dr. Burns suspects meningitis, which is a disease that causes inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. Meningitis can be detected by observing fluid that surrounds the spinal cord. Which diagnostic procedure will the doctor most likely use to confirm h lumbar puncture
Suzanne was diagnosed with lymphocytopenia. Lymphocytes are white blood cells, so which best describes Suzanne’s condition? low levels of white blood cells
A doctor ordered thermotherapy for a patient’s edema. What is the doctor requesting? heat to reduce swelling
A nursing assistant needs to dispose of chemicals that were used during a patient’s cancer treatments. Which would best inform the nursing assistant about proper disposal? the material safety data sheet
Which is the best example of a healthcare-associated infection? contracting an illness from a needle while delivering a baby
What is an advantage of using medical coding? It helps insurance companies and healthcare providers share patient information
A clinical researcher wants to learn about the most recent treatments for lung cancer. Which is the best source for this information? index
A large hospital is associated with two nearby pharmacies. The owners of the hospital would like patient information to be stored and shared electronically between the hospital and the pharmacies. Which is the best solution for this task? utilizing a Regional Health Information Organization
CMH uses a computer system to maintain patient records. Pharmacy shares certain patient information with the hospital, including patient names and medical history. The pharmacy uses a different computer system, but the data is unaltered when it is update interoperability
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