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Vocab Set 4

What is hunger? Hunger is what keeps your body from starvation. Wanting or needing more of what you've already eaten.
What is an appetite? An appetite is the want to eat verses the need to eat. Eating a whole meal then going back and eating a bowl of cereal.
What is nutrition? Nutrition is is when the body consumes and uses food for energy. Having a healthy diet.
What is fiber? Fiber is food material that cannot be digested. Bran, Broccoli, Cabbage, Berries, Celery, Squash
What is R.D.A? R.D.A is the recommended dietary allowances that provide the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Energy RDA, Protein RDA
What is F.D.A? F.D.A stands for food and drug administration which is a federal agency that is responsible for protecting the public health. FDA approves of of Neupro Patch for early PD
What are food additives? Food additives are substances that have been added to food so that flavor, appearance, or perseverance is enhanced. Aspartame. Benzoate, Nitrates, Sulfphite
What are enriched foods? Enriched foods are food that has had nutrients added to it. White bread, Pasta
What does it mean to be light? The term light is mainly used when describing the amount of alcohol intake. It can also mean the amount of calories or fat a food has. Light meals, Tofu, Juice, Avacado
What does less mean? Less means to have a smaller amount or not as much. Less trans fat
What does free mean? Free means when a certain thing doesn't contain something. Fat free on a bag of chips.
Created by: Leah_J