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HealthInfo RecTech

Medical Terminology

out guide a card placed in a collection of paper files to indicate that a file has been removed
requisition a written request for a health record
quality management the process of planning, controlling, and improving the quality of a product or system
deficiency slip a report generated to notify staff that a medical record is missing required information
index a database that contains pertinent healthcare information that can be used for research, healthcare quality control, or statistical purposes
master patient index the primary index used for HIM recordkeeping, which includes a unique record for each patient within a healthcare organization
physician index a database that records the physician associated with each patient, diagnosis made, and procedure performed at a healthcare organization
registry a database of information concerning births, deaths, admissions, and discharges
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) a United States government organization that seeks to promote healthy behaviors and the prevention of disease, injury, and disability
World Health Organization (WHO) a global organization, created by the United Nations, that provides global leadership on health, health research, and health policy
Created by: rleroux