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Healthcare Med Rec 3

Medical Terminology

electronic prescribing the digital authoring, transmission, and filling of physician medication prescriptions, it is intended to reduce errors, time, and costs
electronic data interchange (EDI) the digital exchange of structured data between computer systems; reduces errors and can be used, for example, for sending prescriptions to a pharmacy
intranet a closed network of computers within a facility or organization
interoperability the ability to share data between multiple systems without altering the meaning of the data
health information exchange (HIE) the digital exchange of healthcare data between different organizations in order to improve patient care, and reduce costs and errors
notice of privacy practices (NPP) a legally required notice that healthcare providers and plans must distribute to their patients that outlines how their protected health information is used and disclosed, and the rights the patient has
Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) a regional health information exchange that centralizes data from multiple facilities, including hospitals and clinics
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) legislation that provides guidelines on maintaining patient privacy and confidentiality through standardized methods of handling healthcare data
patient confidentiality protection from private healthcare information being released without prior permission
privacy rule a part of HIPAA that outlines standards for maintaining patient confidentiality and safeguarding financial and administrative data during electronic transfer
protected health information (PHI) any information about a person’s health, healthcare, or payment for health services that can be linked to a specific patient compliance
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